Hello 2015

Hello sweet peas,

It’s a brand new year and I believe this year will be my year. For 2015, I’ve set myself many challenges and will keep you all in the know by blogging about it including trying veganism for a month, reading at least 6 books this year and exploring the world through travel, food and laughter. I have started a new chapter in my life recently, becoming a student of the University of Bath and I am absolutely loving it therefore will have plenty of fun exciting experiences to share with you as well (I hope!). The picture attached is of some of the Y1 flat girls and me (in the middle) having a ball on a gals night out in Bath, they are very eventful and super fun. Anyway back to before; I’m Poppy, 19 years old and a lover of good music and laughter. I’m a very chatty person therefore thought blogging would be a perfect opportunity to not only type down everything I want to say but also have an extended audience to respond to my blabbering thoughts, trials and tribulations and daily dramas. I aim to post a weekly blog, sometimes more depending how much time I have and how eventful my week has been. I’ll post photography, reviews, music and travel.

A quick recap of the final days of 2014. I’m still feeling the post-Christmas blues, especially because we took down our tree today and the living room looks totally bare. I absolutely love Christmas for all the obvious reasons: good food, festivity, sparkling lights and lots of booze. In addition to this, I never see my family enough during the year so it is always lovely to be spoilt by the grandparents in return of enduring their long repetitive stories which always seem to have a different ending. After Boxing Day, which I spent with my boyfriend’s family and had a jolly good time, the vibe suddenly picks up again as the rush for New Years Eve springs upon us. This year I spent the night in babysitting my younger sister with Jordan, my boyfriend, allowing my parents to go out and boogie. It was very chilled but also lots of fun. I never really keep to New Years resolutions but as this is my last year as a teenager, I thought I should give it a proper try. I haven’t set anything too difficult like travelling the whole globe, becoming very successful and learn Mandarin fluently; instead things that test my patience, persistence and perspective (as written above). I hope you all have a great 2015 learning from the flaws of 2014, remaining positive and live life to its full potential.

If you haven’t caught on, I am super excited for 2015 and already have plenty in store to blog about out. I’d love to know more about you guys, about what drives you to blog and also improvements you can offer me as I create my own.

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


4 thoughts on “Hello 2015

  1. ch4rl13sm1th says:

    I too am trying my hand at blogging (at this point you and I each have 3 posts). I’ve also decided to blog in order to reach out to more people; I really wanted to get in touch with more people and honestly am a little thrilled to have the opportunity to be introduced to complete strangers with completely different backgrounds. You did ask for improvements you can make, and here’s my suggestion- I did get a bit confused in reading your post, I feel like commas could be used more effectively. I like how open you are to talking about you. Your style of writing effectively paints a picture of what it’s like to be you, which is very different from what it’s like to be me, making me curious.


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