Cut out the carbs

Hello sweet peas,

This past week I have cut out major carbohydrates from my diet, just to cleanse my body from all the festive treats over the Christmas period. It isn’t necessarily to lose weight but that would be a bonus. When I say major carbohydrates, I am talking about: bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and cereals which are common elements of my diet. The good thing about this is that it makes me think about what I am eating or cooking and prevents me from snacking. I have decided to continue the absence of carbohydrates in my diet Monday to Friday because this week hasn’t been too much of a struggle and I return to university tomorrow therefore will be able to control everything that I eat. I live in self-catered accommodation which has allowed me to develop my cooking skills and also makes me think e.g. have I defrosted the chicken for tonight’s dinner? (usually the answer is no and I settle for soup). Back to before, I do not plan to be completely strict so the occasional carb, especially when I am out eating, isn’t a problem. In addition to this I am also drinking at least 3 pints of water a day in order to refresh my skin and keep myself hydrated. Its all psychological isn’t it? By small frequent changes to my diet, I hope to pick up healthier habits to improve my well being.

Here is a slight overview of the meals I have eaten this week, I won’t list all the snacks I have eaten but they include apples, satsumas, natural yoghurt and chocolate (can’t be too strict!)

Monday: Grilled Halloumi and red pepper salad from a small restaurant located in the town I live in. If you ever pass Huntingdon, pop in and order one of their vanilla milkshakes and a club sandwich, great food for a great price. For dinner I had a tuna salad.

Tuesday: A small plate of chopped chorizo, tomatoes, cucumber and Red Leicester cheese. Later I had lemon chicken and vegetables- Mum made crispy potatoes wedges but I had to decline them.

Wednesday: Tomato soup then chilli con carne with salad.

Thursday: Chicken, piquante pepper, tomato and lettuce salad.

Friday: Bacon and scrambled eggs, satsumas and apples

IMG_6133 IMG_6137 IMG_6145 IMG_6147 IMG_6142 photo

You may have noticed that I don’t usually eat breakfast which is due to my own laziness waking up too late, however I am a massive fan of brunch.

It is very easy to cut out a food group from your daily diet if you think and act positively about your new lifestyle choice. The array of food you can get hold of nowadays is outstanding if you compare it to 30 years therefore it is easy to find a substitute for the element you have cut out. The carbohydrates I am not eating are being replaced by fruit, which is the perfect size for a snack. The variety of fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts allows you to fully divulge into a healthy diet that you can incorporate daily. There is no excuse for not eating clean because there is always options to improve what you eat. I am not a heath freak nor do I try all these health fads “which will help you lose 2 stone in 2 weeks”. Eating healthily doesn’t just help to lose weight, you may not need/want to lose weight but it helps you on the inside, increasing your iron and calcium levels as well as all the other natural health benefits. Do you follow a strict diet or wish to change your habits? In February I will be turning vegan for a month which I believe will be a huge test of my self-perseverance and it would be great if some of you join me, sharing vegan recipes you have tried out and generally supporting one another.

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


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