Press ‘Shuffle’

Hello sweet peas,

I thought I’d share what music I have been listening to this week to give you an idea what I am interested in. The funny thing is I enjoy all types of music, happily shuffling from R’n’B, punk-pop, acoustic, metal, indie rock to electronic. I have picked three artists, some more different than others, but all occupying my headphones at the moment. Music is very important to me, you would rarely find me without headphones on my person. The reason I love music so much is split into two: 1. There is always a song, album or song lyric that can relate to any situation you are in or any emotion you are feeling. 2. Music is something that can be shared through your ears, hands and voice, through the medium of dance and across social media such as Youtube or SoundCloud allowing new artists to share their music globally. I have never been musically talented just passing Grade 1 in violin but I do wish to learn to play the piano later on in life because it is a wonderful instrument. I also love to sing, even if it is only to the audience of shampoo bottles and a loofah in the shower. When I was younger I filled several song books with lyrics, some quite deep for an 8 year old but mostly nonsense. Every young girl’s dream at one point is to be a pop star like Britney when they’re older (minus the head shaving) and it is music that inspires people to be someone, to do something or just to enjoy life as it comes.

FKA twigs

I have recently downloaded the full album ‘LP1’ by FKA twigs and it is incredible. I had the EP ‘Two Weeks’ on my iPhone for a long time now and really enjoyed the unique futuristic style of music however never explored her music further. I am so glad I did, it is a breath of fresh air shuffled into my different playlists. I can’t describe her music very well apart from being the complete opposite to anything you’d expect so I think you should go take a look now and see what earth I am raving on about.

James Bay

I was introduced to James Bay by my best friend who had seen him live supporting Kodaline. His upbeat acoustic songs are heartfelt complimented by thoughtful lyrics. His current EP- Hold Back the River is a sneaky glimpse of his first début album which is out soon, and I will buying it as soon as I can get my hands on it. I am a very big fan of the likes of Ben Howard and Kodaline therefore completely fell in love with Bay’s voice. I’m excited for his future, I predict 2015 might be his year of success becoming properly recognised for his fantastic talent.

London Grammar

I have listened to London Grammar for quite a while now but it wasn’t until I saw them play at Glastonbury in June 2014 that I realised how incredible they were. Hannah’s vocals are stunning and work perfectly with the lyrics to create a haunting yet capturing performance. My favourite songs of theirs are ‘Hey Now’ and their cover of ‘Nightcall’. The best thing about London Grammar is their BBC Radio 1 Live Lounges in which they completely transform a current song into something beautiful. You have to be very skilled to transform a well known song into your own and London Grammar have that fabulous ability.

Here is their cover of ‘Wrecking Ball’ by Miley Cyrus:

I particularly like this cover because the original caused a major media craze especially over the music video however London Grammar stripped the song completely and perform it how I think the original artist would have wanted it to be interpreted.

What sort of music do you guys listen to? If you have any recommendations, I’d love to add it to my music library.

Keep smiling,
Love Poppy x


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