Hello sweet peas,

First of all, I want to apologise for not blogging recently. I have been under a lot of pressure with exams and have also been very busy. One reason for my absence is because I recently visited Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark for a quick city break with one of my friends and we had a lot of fun. It was a very spontaneous trip, snatching cheap flights (£34 return!) and only booking our accommodation a couple of days before we were set to jet off. We only had two whole days in the capital city but we definitely exhausted it’s sights and statues, fuelled with rich coffee and pints of Carlsberg. As one would expect, Copenhagen was borderline freezing in late January but that didn’t stop us from walking around the city, map in hand, searching for all the important and iconic attributes of the city. I can honestly say I had not packed for freezing temperatures therefore have returned to England with a slight cold; a small price to pay for a fun getaway.

25/01/15 Day One:

The crazy antics of our trip started as soon as we had landed in Copenhagen, questioning ourselves in a slightly delirious manner over why on earth were we actually in Denmark? Laura and I are both language undergraduates and between the two of us, neither was learning Danish therefore it seemed very random travelling to a country which we could not use our linguistics. Luckily Laura does German therefore in the worst case scenario she could work out a few words amidst the rest to get us by but even that was a struggle. We managed to buy train tickets and hopped on the first train at Kastrup station, suddenly realising that it might not been our train. It was roughly 9pm with the time difference and the train was basically deserted. The funny thing was neither of us were actually panicking, we found the whole situation quite funny and luckily for us, we eventually arrived at Copenhagen Central Station. Here I would like to praise McDondalds free WiFi which enabled us to use the ‘maps’ app on my iPhone to find our hostel which was only a short walk away. We stayed at the Downtown Hostel Copenhagen; a central fun-loving and welcoming place with a groovy bar and great live music. Our room was basic but fit the purpose with communal bathrooms which were also very clean. I would 100% recommend this hostel for any travellers or holiday makers such as ourselves because not only did it offer extra services such as free WiFi and bed linen but also a free meal (for the first 40 people) and a happy hour which brought everyone together. Their website is: That evening we met a (very drunk) Australian called Bart who planned to travel to Ukraine next and two Dutch guys who were travelling from Stockholm to Amsterdam by car. What I realised was that we were the anomaly within this hostel; almost everyone else had plans to travel somewhere next, be it within Europe or further afield. It was very exciting to hear everyone’s travel stories and made my dream to travel stronger. After university I plan to take a year out (maybe after a couple of years working to fund it) because I want to see everywhere, experience everything and meet as many new people as possible. Back to this trip, we spent that evening drinking and laughing and eventually went to bed shattered from a day of travelling.

IMG_6260 IMG_6250 IMG_6356

26/01/15 Day Two:

Originally we had planned to go on the free city tour offered by the hostel to get our bearings before going off on our own adventure however by the time we had got up, we had missed it. This did not phase us, we bought a map and some breakfast and tried to plan out our day. I had done some research previously on what the city offered so had a general idea of what I wanted to see. The weather was bleak and wet resulting in frozen fingers and soggy jeans however we saw a lot of beautiful architecture including the Little Mermaid statue, inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s tales, and Frederik’s Church, a grand colossal building elegantly designed both inside and out. We had a very yummy lunch of chicken and pesto sandwiches and a latte in a small cafe called ‘Mormors’, Danish for Grandmothers. It was a sweet place hidden along a street near all the grander buildings, a perfect stop off to warm/dry whilst the dreary weather continued. Later that day we bumped into the changing of the guards which was interesting to see. The rest of the day involved window-shopping, working out the worth of the Danish Kroner, which was something we never got the hang of, and visiting the harbour. If it hadn’t of rained, we would have gone on a river tour however by this time, we were soaked through. Although the cost of travel and staying in Copenhagen was cheap, it is a very expensive city therefore I’d recommend it as a place to visit for a couple of days before travelling somewhere else. It is also a very small city, and even without public transport, we were able to see most of the city by foot easily. Our evening concluded with Happy Hour at the hostel, giddy on beer and blackcurrant cider, whilst listening to the live acoustic music.

IMG_6265  IMG_6291  IMG_6285

27/01/15 Day Three:

Due to the amount of walking we did the day before, we had a long lie-in and didn’t leave the hostel till lunchtime. Whilst Laura got her beauty sleep, I googled good places for brunch and other sights we had missed yesterday plotting on it our soggy map. We took a short walk from the hostel to ‘Sporvejen’, a restaurant designed as an old vintage Danish tram. We had an omelette, potato wedges and salad which did the trick. I did wonder what the national delicacy was however got the impression it was sausages and beer, but I’m still not sure. What was interesting about our visit to Denmark is that everyone assumes you’re Danish but as soon as they realise you’re foreign, they speak near-perfect English and are very friendly as you fumble with Kroners. After brunch we visited Rosenburg Castle which looks similar to a stately home in England. It wasn’t what I had expected but from the outside held a grand demeanour about it. We were too late to explore inside the castle so instead walked around the gardens posing with statues. Although it was bleak, I imagine in the summer it would be a beautiful place to have a picnic and spend a day in the sun therefore a reason for me to return. Most travel websites claimed Christiania is an important part of the city to visit but on the map looked quite far away. We decided to visit anyway and realised in actual fact that the city is very small and even with great public transport and bike hire, it doesn’t take long to walk anywhere. Christiania was very pretty, especially by the harbour whilst the sun set, and we ended our day with raspberry vanilla cheesecake and a cappuccino before heading back to the hostel.

IMG_6316 IMG_6279IMG_6330 IMG_6351 IMG_6332

28/01/15 Day Four:

We were up and out of the hostel by 10am and made our way to the train station before catching our flight. We realised we had run out of money so had to succumb to using our debit cards with possible overseas charges. We were exhausted but had plenty of time to chill at the airport as our flight wasn’t taking off till 13:35. Overall it was great to get away and it means I can now tick Denmark off my list of places to visit. I would definitely recommend visiting Copenhagen because it is such a friendly and interesting city. It would be cheaper to buy food from a store instead of eating out especially if you are staying awhile because it is very dear however that shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying yourself. It seems if you are a student, there are many opportunities to visit museums and other places for free or a discounted charge so make sure you bring your student card! Even if you’re not a student, there is plenty of things to do for free if you’re travelling on a budget. After this short trip Laura and I have made an aim to visit at least 9 European countries this year because we love to travel and why not!? Have you guys ever visited Copenhagen or going travelling any time soon? I’d love to hear about it.

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


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