Girl power

Hello sweet peas,

Today I went to a Women in Leadership Conference aimed to empower young women within the workplace. I have found the day inspiring visiting different workshops aimed at providing useful information on how to conduct yourself in meetings, networking with a purpose and leading societal issues. It was a very successful inspiring day with a variety of female speakers from different business and academic backgrounds. By the end of the five hours I felt so motivated and inspired about thinking about my future career. Before this, I used to cringe when people asked what I wanted to do after university because I didn’t have a clue whereas now I feel comfortable that whatever I do, I will be successful and sassy.

There was some male orientated social media abuse to organisers of the day suggesting the event was sexist however one organiser pointed out that the event didn’t affect them, only their ego of not being notified and it almost suggests that they had to accept this before it was put on. This year the Student Union body is completely male elected, although they have done a fab job in general as well as organising this event- it is totally unacceptable that there are no women to represent the female university body at the University of Bath. I learnt today that in the UK 56% of students are female therefore to be living in the 21st century without a female representative is shocking. I wouldn’t say I was a hardcore feminist but I am all about girl power and today has been so beneficial to reinstate my values and beliefs. I hope you all have had a lovely day and never give up on what you believe.

Keep smiling,
Love Poppy x


2 thoughts on “Girl power

  1. Bioman says:

    Yes it is shocking, but don’t do it Babe. Leave the Student Representation to the fools who don’t understand that “leadership” positions at a University (except probably/possibly Oxford and Cambridge) get you nowhere and obstruct your studies. Comment yes but don;t get involved PLEASE. A first or an upper second is worth far more.


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