February Wishlist

Hello sweet peas,

I cannot believe it’s already February, time goes so fast. I thought I would share some of the things that have taken my fancy this month. Its a range of fashion, stationary and other lovely trinkets that I would love to spend all my money on. It isn’t an extensive list because when I began to write this, I had a complete mind blank. I just thought I’d try out different topics to blog about for now until I find my niche and my blog is more successful (hopefully!).

1. The new Missguided Active sportswear looks fantastic; not only is it affordable and good quality but also stylish and a way to inspire young women to get fit whilst feeling comfortable. I definitely will consider buying a pair of their peach and black gym leggings and perhaps the matching sports bra as well. Having good gym wear will encourage me to go out and exercise more, especially as the weather is still dreary and my bed is much more appealing.

2. Alexa Chung’s IT seems to be the fashion book/bible to have this year. It is 192 pages of fashion inspiration, personal anecdotes and photographs as well as her life in general. I do look up to Alexa, following her on Instagram and Twitter, because she is a style icon who is effortlessly gorgeous all the time. I wouldn’t say I am heavily invested in fashion but I really want to have this book in my small collection.

3. A stash of nice fountain pens. When I use good pens to make notes in lectures, I don’t doodle or scribble across sheets but instead make neat notes so there isn’t a need to re-write them up neatly once I’m home. You could say that it is all psychological however I definitely believe good fountain pens improve my writing and reduce the wasteful use of a pen.

4. A MAC Full Coverage Foundation for nights out or when the bags under my eyes are particularly noticeable. I do not wear face make up apart from a dab of concealer if I have a big spot. Also I am blessed to not have endured many spots/acne during my adolescence therefore think I should buy a more expensive yet effective foundation instead of a cheap one because it’s important to treat yourself every now and then. What I think would be most beneficial would be to go into a store and get a make up artist to find the right colour for my complexion instead of guessing.

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


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