You love me, you love me not

Hello sweet peas,

Today is the 14th February yet more famously known as Valentines Day, the day of love shared with that special someone in your life. The concept of Valentines Day is sweet even though ideals of courtly love hardly exist anymore. For me, I find Valentines Day is split in four ways depending on the type of person you are:

1. Those who have a partner and celebrate the day filled with teddy bears, heart shaped chocolates and roses as well as a ‘romantic’ evening meal surrounded by other couples cooing over each other. This is the idealistic portrayal of Valentines Day and many get excited by the prospect of being treated like royalty but with the powerful presence of social media, sometimes it can become a contest of outshining other couples. Anyway everyone likes to be spoiled once in a while so today is the perfect day to show how much you care them.

2. Those who don’t have someone who share this day with and end up feeling depressed that another 14th of February has past and you still haven’t received a card from a mysterious lover. Usually instead they fill their empty heart with ice cream and tears (this is probably just teenage girls) but some people do get lonely and this day doesn’t make them feel better being bombarded by reminders that they haven’t found or have lost the ‘one’.

3. A opportunity for businesses to make money from another day commercialised to give presents and because it is for your loved one, you are expected to spend a decent amount right? The materialistic tinge of the 21st century is astonishing latching onto anything with potential to drain our purses. Eventually every single day will have a reason to buy something from shops to celebrate in some way or another. There is more to life than cards saying ‘To my best boyfriend’ or ‘I love you with all my heart’ blah blah blah. However the audience is huge so we should give credit to businesses for taking the initiative and making money so easily (this doesn’t mean I agree with it though).

4. And finally there are those, like myself who celebrate Valentines Day with whomever they love, whether it be your mum, a group of girlfriends or your cat. I have been with my boyfriend for over a year now and so today would be the second Valentines Day we have been together but it has never been significant. Last year we did small presents and just spent the day together however this year I won’t be able to see him at all. I am not hugely affected by this because one day doesn’t change anything. I have sent him a home made card telling him why I think he’s great but he already knows what I think. I understand it is nice to have a day where you can celebrate your love for someone but I think you should celebrate it everyday whether it be a small good morning text or a kiss on the forehead not a a massive bear that says ‘I Love You’ when you squeeze it. Before Jordan, I used to spend the day with friends watching rom-coms, eating chocolate and having a great time gossiping and giggling. Some would call it sad but I never pitied myself wishing I had a boyfriend, it was a ‘feel-good have fun who cares about boys when you have friends’ feeling and to those who do not have relationships, don’t let today bring you down.

However you spend your day today, do it with some purpose whether it be sharing your love with someone or into something you’re doing. Love isn’t just between humans, it can also be what you love doing so don’t sit home alone.

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


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