Dedicated to You

Hello sweet peas,

I thought I’d share something from my journal with you all. I have a Moleskin diary which I usually carry with me wherever I go. It is a place to write down thoughts, phrases or things to remember which have affected me at the time. To an outsider, the random sentences would not make any sense but whenever I flick through it, I am reminded of a particular time and place in my life. Do you have a diary/journal? If not, I would recommend you buying one because it isn’t just to fill with your daily routine but with random thoughts, emotions, questions and possibly answers. It is a great way to gain relief stabbing pages with your pen from a day of hell or a sudden burst of anger, sadness or madness instead blowing your cool and making regretful mistakes. One incredible thing about using a diary is that you don’t need to be the only one holding everything on your shoulders; there are blank pages for that and they do a pretty good job of looking after any secrets or worries you may have. Like I said before, my diary is a scribbled over, crossed out, wonky drawings and arrows mess but I wouldn’t change it. It reflects my personality and makes your thoughts become an art. Diaries enhance your writing skill whatever you write about and you never know, you may also find that you are a literary genius and it spurs you to write short stories or even poetry. You diary is yours; therefore only you can transform plain pages into a work of art.

The poetic passage I am going to share is quite personal but nothing that I am embarrassed about showing you. I wasn’t trying to write poetry but I guess, to an extent, it just kind of happened. There is no poetic flare; lacking metaphors, assonance and other techniques however it is raw emotion. It is called ‘Dedicated to you’ and it is about someone who makes me feel complete. I wrote this when I was missing them and I think it portrays a lot about me.

Dedicated to You:

If you know that ‘you’ is you then you’ll understand how I feel about you, how I long for you, how you are my rock.  Before you, there was no one really:  not what you are to me right now.  It’s more than what others think, you are so much more and I hope you realise that.  You are everything right in my life and you have made me a better person; but back to you now.  It isn’t just physical you, it is the you that stays on my mind afterwards and keeps me smiling.  The warmth you leave behind as naked skin touches like flames.  You are electric, driven by passion.  You are you, and you are mine.

It is only short but very poignant. I hope you all have someone in your life that means everything to you and you are able to portray your emotion in a form of art.

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


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