Six Key Challenge

Hello sweet peas,

As a student living in halls, life can be pretty hectic. Living with energetic boys also makes life very interesting and causes a lot of hassle if you get complacent. If you’re wondering what I mean by this, it is known as the Six Key Challenge. Let me give you some background information: we all have a communal key card to get inside our building but an individual key to our rooms, a very simple concept. However over time, the boys have devised a game known as the Six Key Challenge in which if you lose your key and is found by another member of our house, you have to do six challenges in order to win back your key. When I say lose your key, that could also involve someone taking your key if you just leave it on the kitchen table henceforth the motto of 2015 is do not become complacent.

The reason why I am telling you this is because I was a victim of the Six Key Challenge last week. It was taken directly from my room in front of my eyes and there was nothing that I could do than accept my fate. The boys had even said after I completed it that my challenges were particulary awful, and that’s saying alot. The challenges vary depending on the inspiration the boys have but always involve eating challenges and at least one outside challenge for further embarassment. Moreover it isn’t just the boys who are involved, everyone contributes ideas to see the lost key holder struggle. Here is an overview of what I had to do to gain my key back:

1. Eat a playing card. This may sound easy but that Eight of Diamonds was a old alcohol drenched sticky card from a previous night out. Not only did it taste vile but also was very hard to actually eat, but eventually completed with the help of water.

2. Lick the communal kitchen floor. The boys even chose a specific place of floor which was not clean for me to lick; very thoughtful of them,  I know.

3. Throw mouldy tomatoes into Luis’s kitchen cupboard. You may have some questions about this challenge so I’ll clear it up: firstly Luis’s cupboard is always involved in everyone’s challenges, be it throwing eggs, tomatoes or anything else that will splatter on his cutlery. This is not because anyone dislikes Luis, it’s just funny apparently and he is a good sport about it. Secondly you may wonder why on earth we’d have moudly tomatoes in our kitchen, and the only reason is that there isn’t one. Student kitchens hold a variety of mouldy, out of date and just random items in the fridges and cupboards- not for obsessive clean freaks or the faint hearted. I might also add, after doing challenge number three more tomatoes were thrown around the kitchen adding to the questionable stains already there. I empathise for our weekly cleaner, I do. 

4. Walk in the compost bin for five seconds. Luckily for me, I was wearing tights so it minimised the amount of rotten food that went on my feet however those five seconds of standing on broken egg shells, old vegetables and other lef tovers was disgusting. The feeling of everything squishing underneath me was unpleasant to say the least but challenge completed. I will also say I immediately took off my tights after that and threw them in the bin.

5. Eat a whole Weetabix covered in Marmite in one mouthful. Okay, this one was bad. First of all, the whole Weetabix did not fit in my mouth so it went everywhere. Luckily I love Marmite but the trick is that the Weetabix sticks to the top of your mouth and you physically cannot eat it because your jaw is stuck. This challenge resulted in me leaning over the sink as I tried to swallow what I could whilst the rest got stuck in my hair- not cool. On the whole, I would say that was the most unattractive challenge especially with everyone recording my misery as I went along.

6. Belly slide on mud. Outside our accomodation block there is a patch of grass and with typical British wet weather, there was a strip of mud perfect for a belly slide. I was allowed to change into old clothes and had to take a run up before sliding on the mud down the hill face first. What I forgot to mention earlier was this was roughly about 23:30pm so it was dark and cold but needed to be completed in order to go to bed. As you may imagine, I took a run up and slid quite far on the mud. It was enough to please the boys and I won my key back, huzzah! To celebrate I showered all the Marmite, mud and compost off me before going to sleep, it was a very interesting Thursday evening.

I can honestly say I love living in student accomodation because I live with a brilliant bunch of people, all different but very easy going and we have been lucky to get along so well. Things like the Six Key Challenge are all part of the fun especially as nearly everyone has been a victim of it, as well as all the other mischief we cause. I am sure every student halls has its own traditions but ours just seem to be particularly ‘unique’.  Do any of you guys have tales from university/college which involved challenges like this? I’d love to hear about your experiences of living in student accomodation especially if you were as bonkers as us.

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


6 thoughts on “Six Key Challenge

  1. jkleff says:

    Found your blog via the community board post and I am currently laughing out loud.
    This was written perfectly to put me right into the scene and you spelled out all of the antics of the Six Key Challenge perfectly! I look forward to reading more of your work.
    Happy blogging!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lizzy says:

    This makes me so nostalgic for university. Our worst forfeit (and I can’t remember for the life of me what they did to deserve it but I’m sure it wasn’t bad enough) was my friend had to have his haircut by another one of us. He wore a hat every day for the next two weeks until it was long enough for a hairdresser to fix

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