7 Good Things: March

Hello sweet peas,

I cannot believe we are in March, time has flown by and seems like days and weeks have merged into one. I am almost sad by this because my first year of university will nearly be over in a matter of six or seven weeks. However it also means I can now be super excited for summer, planning holidays and other fun. Despite the slight negativity, I have decided to write a monthly post on 7 Good Things about the upcoming month to boost positivity and remind you all of the good things in life. 

1. Crisp blue skies.

I guess you can finally say we have reached Spring as daffodils start to blossom and it remains light in the evenings till 6pm. The best part of spring is the change in weather; the crisp blue skies with a cold wind or the sun rays which brighten your mood. Blue skies are beautiful especially down by a beach so why not be spontaneous and take a short trip to the beach, breathing in the salty air and feeling at one with nature? It will do you all a lot of good.

2. Crunchy red apples.

There is nothing better than hearing the crunch of a juicy apple as you bite into it. It is so satisfying and due to the change of season, I find fruit tastes alot better especially locally grown ones. Also one can never eat enough fruit and the healthy benefits are more of a reason to sink your teeth into  something with a crunch!

3. Laughter.

Now the post winter blues have started to fade, you see big smiles appear across everyone’s faces. Laughter is the best medicine even when you don’t feel sad, it is uplifting and actually very healthy to laugh. I think as long as you have one of those belly aching and struggling to breathe laughs where your eyes tear up once a week, you will be an overall happy person.

4. Finishing a good book.

I have recently started The Bell Jar by Sylvia Path and it is addictive. It is one of the classics that you should read in your lifetime. It isn’t a long read, just a nice size to indulge in. The satisfaction of closing a book at the end feels very achieving almost like ticking it off your checklist of the billions of books in the world. Now on to start the next book!

5. Organising your desk and folders.

Being a student, organisation is key in order to remain on top of everything. Last week I went through all my notes; stapling appropriate pages, highlighting text and then dividing everything into folders by subject and semester. It was very rewarding because it motivates you to continue working and now you have a clear space with easy access to notes without creating a big mess again (hopefully!).

6. Finding money in pockets.

This is always a bonus. Usually it is in an old coat or trouser pocket that has gone out of season or hidden at the back of your wardrobe. Not only does it feel like free money but is a small surge of positivity for your day, what will you spend this new cash on?

7. A long hot bath.

After a long stressful day or a difficult training session, there is nothing better than sinking into a hot bubble bath and just thinking. A bath gives you ‘me time’ to relax physically and mentally as you wonder off in your thoughts. I see baths as a luxury only taking one when I desperately need one. An added perk to taking a bath is the after doings of fully moisturising and beautifying your body (more for women) whilst you chill with calm background music. 

March is a good month for change; to change your exercise programme, eating and sleeping habits, your work schedule and your outlook on life. How will you improve yourself making 2015 a productive and fufilling year? I hope my monthly post on 7 Good Things will help with this process.

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


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