Fish ‘n’ fitness

Hello sweet peas,

First of all I am going to apologise for my absence on the blogging sphere. I am currently suffering from writers block and have heaps of deadlines to complete as well, however I am trying to power through and write a small post on my diet change from vegan to pescetarianism. As you may know, I became vegan for the whole month of February as part of my new years resolution and for March, I became pescetarian. I found pescetarian to be a blessing after a whole month abstaining from all meats and dairy products, and even though I have only added one meat back into my diet, I have seen such a change. In actual fact, I have been pescetarian for 24 days and have just a week before I shift to 5:2 diet. Some of you may think I am mad but it has opened my eyes to different recipes and meal ideas when main components of your regular diet are missing. Being a student has meant I haven’t eaten a lot of fish before March because it can be very expensive especially individual fillets and fresh fish. However by budgeting and removing the cost of red meat, it has emphasised how easy and inexpensive buying fish really is, and in some sense I wish I had found this out early in my academic year to enjoy more fishy recipes.

I swear by the basic but unbeatable fish finger and lettuce sandwiches smothered in ketchup or cheesy tuna and vegetable omlettes as well as simple vegetable soups and jacket potatoes for a brunch/lunch type meal. For dinner I rely on vegetable stirfrys with grilled mackerel or tuna and salmon or crab fish cakes with salad. I love adding lemon juice, herbs and seeds to fish dishes because it makes such a tasty difference; the meat just soaks up the goodness and really adds something extra. My meals have been quite simple but vibrant, full of colourful vegetables and different types of fish. Perhaps what has had the biggest impact to my meals is the fact that I do not need to include fish in every meal. After a long month of restrictive veganism, I have picked upย many new dinner habitsย for example: juicy stuffed peppers which are surprisingly filling and also the absence of pasta and other carbs to fill out my meals. I used to always add noodles to a stirfry or rice with meat however grilled/fried/cooked vegetables do the same job and also has lots of natural fibre to please your body. Not only has it been a detox for my body but also has changed my daily eating habits i.e. snacking which have ultimately made me a healthier person. I have always struggled with my weight however my 2015 NYE resolutions have helped kick start a new me. I am not looking to lose a lot of weight but a good stone and a half will give me a healthier aura. Are anyone of you pescetarian or vegan, or have you tried a different type of diet for a short period of time? I’d love to hear your stories and recipes!

Alongside this, my sort of ‘health kick’ has involved short workouts every other day to increase core muscle and tone up. Whilst I was vegan, I was always exhausted due to a small iron defficiency however I have regained my strength now. To get fit, I do short bursts of 100 star jumps, 30 reps of situps and crunches, a one minute plank, 60 squats (because having a good bum is sexy) and 60 lunges (30 on each leg). I am no fitness bunny but I do like to exercise but always make excuses. I am more of a team player, having played at county level in rounders and hockey and regional level in netball. However university has made me slightly lazy so I need to get back into shape, especially for summer! Once I am home for Easter, I plan to swim regularly to also help boost my metabolism plus I am your typical water baby, I just love to swim.

Again apologies for the lack of blogposting, that will be another change that I will make over the Easter holiday period in between revision for my summer exams. Also I now have Bloglovin’ย so go check it out and give me a follow to keep updated with Told by Poppy, you stars.

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


7 thoughts on “Fish ‘n’ fitness

  1. khobday7 says:

    I’m not brave enough to go vegan, but I have been trying to get a bit healthier too this past month. When I was craving something sweet, I instead went for flavoured tea instead of chocolate – I found that it really helped! Good luck – and I love your blog!


    • pxoppy says:

      Maybe you could try being vegan twice a week to get used to it? Ooh that’s such a good idea, wish I have thought of that at the time! Thank you very much, you’re so sweet โ˜บ๏ธ


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