Hello sweet peas,

Since I was small, I have always had very fond memories of Easter. Not only did I get two weeks off school to play with my friends and enjoy the break but also to receive and fill my tummy full with chocolate. I had an rabbit toy which I would sleep with only on the night before Easter so that the Easter Bunny would visit and leave a surprise. Thinking back; out of all the fictional characters that parents make up, the Easter Bunny isn’t the most believable because shops were filled with the chocolate eggs that you would be receiving. Nevertheless, I loved Easter Sunday. Most years my parents… I mean the Easter Bunny would put on an easter egg hunt around the house and garden which I loved. There would be a trail of tiny chocolate eggs that led from my bedroom, down the stairs and around the house until it led to where the bigger eggs were. I had a specific lime green bag with a rabbit on it which was my Easter bag where I would collect all the eggs; for me I took Easter very seriously! My parents were always wary over how much chocolate I was allowed to eat in one day because a seven year old full of sugar would be hectic. I still remember the first year my younger sister fully understood who the Easter Bunny was. My parents had hidden at least 50 different sized chocolate eggs in shiny and colourful tinfoil in our garden, it looked incredible. My sister must have been about 3 and I was 9. I clearly remember noticing a massive shiny silver chocolate egg on the garden table and as I ran towards it, my parents yelled at me to “leave that one for Daisy”. At the time, I knew that they weren’t being mean but I was still slightly upset. However that sadness soon disappeared as I was climbing in bushes, under the trampoline and up trees to collect as many eggs as possible. My sister was much more happier to just sit on the garden table eating one big egg than collecting all the other eggs to my parents dismay. I think it is times like those that I will remember forever, of my happy family all together having fun on a bright sunny day.

On the other hand it got to the stage where I would be given far too many Easter eggs that I would still have chocolate spare by the time the following Easter had arrived. To use up all the spare chocolate, Mum and I would do lots of baking such as rice crispies or cornflake cakes which were so simple and quick to make as well as being delicious. We would always add Mini eggs and plastic chicks for decoration, especially as some years I would sell them to all my neighbours for charity. Although nowadays the quality of chocolate of a high street Easter egg is average, you can still use the chocolate to make other things especially in baking and also adding it to hot chocolate. Now I am older, my dad always pushes the boat and buys ‘posh chocs’ for mum and me but my sister is still fine getting a Malteaser egg with an extra chocolate bar. What I don’t understand is Easter being a time for gifts. Unlike me, the majority of my friends received money and other presents on top of chocolate which looking back seems ridiculous. At the time I was slightly jealous of them but who can blame an 8 year old? I understand that some people prefer to give a small present or donation instead of buying chocolate but all three seems excessive… Maybe I am just bitter (like dark chocolate). I do think it is a shame that the religious purpose of Easter is overshadowed by the commericialised holiday of chocolate eggs sent by the Easter Bunny because nowadays it seems like the majority of holidays are manipulated into a money making opportunity. On the whole I think the concept of Easter is a great holiday because I do have so many childhood memories of it; having egg and spoon races, spending the whole day counting and recounting all the eggs I received and then eating them. I hope when I am older, my children will enjoy Easter as much as I did.

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


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