7 Good Things: April

Hello sweet peas,

This is my second monthly ‘7 Good Things’ post, currently written in between revision periods because I think we all need a boost in morale. April can be a very exciting but nerve wracking month as the days get longer but exams loom. Pondering what 7 things make April a fab month didn’t take too long to conjure up, so I hope this leaves you satisfied and full of positivity for the rest of the month.

1. Sunshine.

What is better than a beaming sun on a clear day? I find nothing more uplifting than walking out of a lecture to a beautiful day with a shining sun and a cool breeze. It also motivates me to revise, either for a couple of hours in my room before enjoying the rays or bringing the table outside and working in the garden. With chilled music and a cold drink, there is nothing better than sunshine. I find it boosts positivity amongst everyone, putting smiles on their faces, and gives you more time in your day to complete everything. Today some of us had a kick about with a football and drank some ciders after dinner, just because it was too nice of an evening to waste.

2. Vegetables.

As the weather improves, new summer veg is introduced into markets and shops. Having a salad for dinner seems very filling on warmer days which means you are making your body very happy. Also brightly coloured veg makes a meal so much more appetising that you have to go chop up some more!

3. Early starts.

I have never been an early riser unless I had to get up for some reason. However over the Easter holidays I have turned over a new leaf; setting an alarm for 8am, waking and getting out of bed and ready for a new day ahead by 9:30am. Having an extra two-three hours to my day gives me plenty of time to work, relax and play and I also feel less tired than beforehand. The secret… don’t start watching Netflix after 10pm and just go to sleep.

4. Booking holidays.

With summer only a couple of months away, it is always good to plan ahead and book holidays and other fun before prices rocket. I am very excited for this summer because in July, my boyfriend Jordan and I have booked a two week road trip in Morocco! We fly to Marrakech and spend a couple of nights there before driving off on our own wonderful adventure. I cannot begin to describe my excitement, not only travelling around such a magnificent and culturally diverse country but also to experience and make memories with my favourite person. Also I am excited to blog about my travels, I am taking you guys on my trip as well! Have you planned any holidays for summer? Or have you been to Morocco, I’d love to hear your recommendations!

5.    Pimms

Like any other typical British person, as soon as it reaches more than 15 degrees, we all known it’s time for sunglasses and a cold glass of Pimms. It is such a refreshing drink and super tasty, and eating the fruit from the drink once you’ve finished is an extra bonus! 

6. Good results

There is nothing better than receiving a good set of results that you have worked really hard for, whether it be from a test or coursework or a more personal goal like achieving your goal weight or baking the perfect cake. Good results mean lots of smiles, so work hard and you can do anything. Also if you didn’t get the results that you wanted, use it as motivation to work harder!

7. Baby animals

One of the best things about the arrival of spring is the arrival of baby animals. Lambs, chicks and calves all begin to appear in fields, all dazed by this big new world and annoy their mothers by getting under their feet. At university, there is a large population of ducks on campus and that means only one thing: ducklings! There is one mother with eight ducklings who all scurry after her in a single line, it is adorable! Their little ‘cheep cheeps’ and teeny legs as they waddle around could make any person stop say AW!

So there you have it, 7 Good Things for this month. I hope you all have a happy April, filled with sunny days with friends and lots of laughter.

Keep smiling, 

Love Poppy x


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