What is in my bag?

Hello sweet peas,

I am not the most organised, on-time or together person in world and being at university means that can be a big problem. In order to be prepared for any lecture or seminar, I have my trusty black bag which was not only a charity shop bargain but also one of my favourite bags now. I thought I would give you an idea of what is usually in my bag; although most days I have left it in my room and just grab a notepad and pen as I rush out the door. However for days when I am ready to go and not in a fluster, this is what is in my bag:

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  • A thick pad of lined paper which is perfect for me as I press heavily onto paper whilst writing. If you flicked through it there are seminar notes, reminders and other scribbles which are appropriately filed at the end of most days. Being a language student, I am constantly learning new grammar and vocabulary so there are random translations throughout the pad.
  • Pens. So many pens. Black pens to write with. Blue pens to write with. Coloured pens to underline important information and to brighten up the page. Highlighters to highlight if it is too important for just a coloured pen. I try to stick to colour themes but that doesn’t usually happen and anyway, rainbow work is much more appealing to revise from. As it nears to the exam period, I panic immensely including the fate of a pen. Could you imagine if all five pens you brought to an exam ran out? I would honestly class that as a real life nightmare therefore my bag is pen central.
  • My laptop/iPad for lectures. I find it a lot easier and quicker to type whilst the lecturer speaks. Usually their words are gold dust and I need to catch every word they say (manic student alert!). Also after a two hour lecture, my hand will ache and my scribbles with multiple arrows and asterisks are illegible. It is easier to work out what you have typed incorrectly with spell check instead of wasting time working out if that is an ‘a’ or an ‘e’. Even more so handy is the fact that Google Docs automatically adds accents to words if needed, absolute lifesaver. Moreover if the lecturer mentions something you are unsure on, a quick Google search can clear a lot up instead of writing mysterious and confusing nonsense. Having access to the internet is also handy, especially during one particular lecture that does not float my boat, because I can check social media, generically tweet about ‘how bored I am’ or do other things like blogging/shopping whilst still attending and keeping up my good student presence.
  • My phone, purse and other basic necessities can always be found in my bag in case of any sudden change of plan. A spontaneous coffee after the 4:15pm Italian seminar needs money. A wander into town at lunch needs sunglasses, a top up of lipstick and also money for more coffee. Sudden plans for Happy Hour at the SU after the 2 hour Spanish politics lecture on a Friday needs ID, money and probably some chewing gum because dinner can wait. 

A small disclaimer: this may sound like I have lots of money to spend on fun things but I really don’t and instead end up not eating for the rest of the week in order to have a bit of fun. Just swings and roundabouts really oops!

  • Carrying around textbooks can be a nuisance especially the more heavier ones
    however they are important and rather useful if you hadn’t realised. I must add that I rarely have textbooks in my bag because I usually leave them on my desk from previous work and forget to pick them back in my bag… Kind of irrelevant for this post but we can get over that.

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


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