Why I am voting

Hello sweet peas, 

Sorry for the lack of blogging recently. I am currently in revision mode, with my first exam starting next week. I haven’t reached panic mode yet but soon I will be so I thought I would quickly write about why I am voting today. 

  • I AM VOTING BECAUSE I live in a democratic country so by voting, I am exercising one of my fundamental basic rights.
  • I AM VOTING BECAUSE women have fought, starved and died to gain universal suffrage therefore as a young woman, I should vote not only to influence politics but also out of respect for the Suffragettes.
  • I AM VOTING BECAUSE there is still a large proportion of women in the world who can’t vote even though it is the 21st century. I may not directly affect these other women but it stands as a symbol to all governments of the importance of equal voting rights. 
  • I AM VOTING BECAUSE as a student, being politically involved will shape my future after university. Also young people are attacked for being politically inactive by media so I am proving that I am not the generalisation they verbally abuse in newspapers.
  • I AM VOTING BECAUSE it is not difficult to do. Either pop into your polling station, apply for a postal vote or get someone else to vote for you if you suffer from disabilities etc. Personally there is no excuse for laziness to not vote.
  • I AM VOTING BECAUSE whatever the result is, I can then praise, argue or complain about the government. Those who do not exercise their vote and still complain are the biggest dichotomy within society.
  • I AM VOTING BECAUSE British politics is very interesting and volatile at the moment with the rise of UKIP as a serious contender, last year’s Scottish Referendum and the issues of the current coalition government.
  • I AM VOTING BECAUSE why not? Although you may think your vote won’t dramatically impact the result, if everyone thinks that and doesn’t vote then nothing will happen. But those who vote anyway, tactical or not still have an impact nationally. 

For all those in the UK today, please go out and vote in this general election! And for all my international bloggers, keep this in mind when your elections come up because you know what to do.

Keep smiling, 

Love Poppy x


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