Good bye first year

Hello sweet peas,

I cannot believe it. I have finished my first year at University. It has been a whirlwind of fun, stress, independence and new friends. University had always been part of my life plan. I want to achieve a good degree in two languages that I love, with the hope of finding work and a new life in a different country. However I still have three years of my degree to complete so at the moment, it is just wishful thinking. Finishing first year has made me realise life is short and I need to make the most of it. Meeting and living with new people from across the country and further afield has influenced my own ideas and opinions, and overall I think I have matured a lot. I can honestly say it is the people who I lived with in Y1 who have shaped my first year into a great experience. I have been so lucky with where I was placed and couldn’t have asked for a better flat.

About Y1: Originally 18 people with one quiet girl dropping out after Christmas. The rest of us are loud, lively and big personalities. Luckily we all kind of clicked with only minor clashes throughout the year. I lived on the second floor in number 3 and had the best two neighbours Mike and Laura. Mike listens to Eminem and 50 Cent very loudly and randomly screams in his room. Over the year I realised that he is a massive softy and we scarily have similar personalities. We had one massive argument fuelled by alcohol and confusion but it happened and then it was over with- no harm done. My other neighbour Laura had the squeakiest door in the building and if I wasn’t in my room, there was a 99% chance, I was in hers. We just clicked as people, and I’d say I’ve found a friend for life.

The girls (plus Maddie, our adopted member of Y1), are all stars. Coffee trips, gals nights out and Monday night Made In Chelsea were just some of the things we did together. I am still surprised by the lack of bitching which is bonus, I think we are all level headed and good friends. Beanie ( is a baking goddess, both honest and kind. Anna is the queen of sass and always laughing. Becca is such a hard worker and always reliable for a good gossip. Fern is just gorgeous, with a great smile and a good cuddler. Emily is wild on the dance floor but also a very strong person. Laura is just great, slightly ditsy and stunning whilst Maddie is so thoughtful and a very rounded person. I think they are a great bunch. The boys are just as great adding humour, fun and chaos to the house. There was never a dull moment in Y1 and I am so grateful for it.

We had a birthday rota with a £2 contribution per birthday. It was a great idea in the sense that everyone got involved and it was usually followed by a birthday takeaway or meal and a night out.  There were times where it was expensive and hectic in order to collect money and buy presents in between lectures for three birthdays in one week but it was always a success. This is just one of the small things our flat did which I think was pretty sweet because it made us more of a family and made first year more enjoyable.

My expectations of university were exceeded as a fresher. I have done so much this year with my house, course friends, lacrosse team and others, that I have never had a moment bored. From drinking Pimms by the lake on a warm day to early morning travelling to lacrosse tournaments across the South West, I think I have really made the most of my first year. The nights out have always been full of mischief and fun. Also using the pool and other gym facilities has been great as well. There is nothing better than a clear blue sky day walking down into the city of Bath, grabbing a coffee at Jacobs Coffee House (I would so so so recommend!) and doing a bit of shopping in the centre.

11351314_10152859437451121_8978397956987680142_n 10256323_10152545429014952_6775484902483380355_n11051973_992023330810274_6064731970276869706_o 1384021_10152575398679952_8997611052843050799_n

But I’m all packed up and back at home now, ready to start my summer. Glastonbury is only a week away and I am totally unprepared. All I can say for anyone who is undecided whether or not to go to university is that it is a chance to work out who you are and gives you so many opportunities to develop as a person.

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x



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