Glastonbury 2015

Hello sweet peas,

Glastonbury was insane. I had so much fun and saw so many awesome bands and artists. For me, this year’s line up wasn’t as good as last year however I still thoroughly enjoyed myself. For any of you who don’t know, Glastonbury Festival is located at Pilton Farm in Somerset and is hosted by farmer Michael Eavis on his large farm. Did you know, the festival becomes the second largest city in the South West of England, after Bristol, when it is in full swing- how mad!

A group of us travelled in two cars, leaving at 11:30pm on Tuesday night and eventually arrived Wednesday 4:30am (ish). Once we were parked up with big bags on our backs, we jumped into the long queue. We didn’t actually get onto the site until after sunrise so it felt very surreal pitching a tent up at 9am feeling like it was 3pm. We camped near the same spot last time by the ribbon tower but further up because there was a chance of storms during the weekend. Luckily the weather was great, only raining slightly on Friday. The rest of the time it was boiling hot and there is nothing worse than waking up in a tent full of dehydrated people. Food wise, I survived on pringles, midget gems, alcohol and the occasional meal from the different stands. The Lebanese mezze was definitely my favourite. I would 100% recommend that you take plenty of money to Glastonbury because all the food stalls are expensive but so yummy, you are spoilt for choice.

The acts I enjoyed most were Florence and the Machine, Slaves, Mark Ronson and FKA Twigs. All very different styles of music but great performances. During FKA Twigs I stood next to teen vampire heart throb Robert Pattinson, my claim to fame. I also saw a lot of famous people who weren’t performing but enjoying the festival which was cool. This year’s headliners were pretty good. Even though the Foo Fighters cancelled at the last minute, Florence was INCREDIBLE. I was so impressed with her set and she looked like a garden pixie frolicking around on stage. Although there was a lot of controversy over Kanye’s performance, it was still very good but not as good as I hoped. Rosie and I got to the barrier just before he came on but had to be hauled over as the pushing was unbearable. I didn’t see The Who on Sunday because I was too busy watching Groove Armada at Arcadia- a giant robotic spider that breathes fires and lights up. It was seriously cool.

.11659344_10205683007127282_5432371264437053489_n  532958_10205683012807424_5855076177032715566_n

The journey back was long. There was a lot of traffic and a small car of five unwashed people and baggage wasn’t ideal. I slept most of the way home apart from stoping off for a KFC which was totally needed. The journey took longer than expected but I was home by 9:30pm and slept for a solid 15 hours. I didn’t realise just how tired I was until my head hit my pillow. I am glad to be back in the comfort of my own bed and not a damp sleeping bag and roll mat but I will miss Glastonbury. Fingers crossed, I get tickets again next year. Did any of you go or have been to Glastonbury? The site is so big that I’m sure everyone has a different but memorable experience. If you haven’t, why not try for tickets? Or are you going to any other festivals instead?11713846_10206065704095309_3223608223186576794_o

Now the countdown for Morocco can begin with only .. days to go before Jordan and I jet off for two weeks of exploring. I am beyond excited. I have no words. I plan to keep a daily blog about this trip (hopefully) so keep updated by visiting my small blog every evening. Also keep an eye out on my Instagram account @pxoppy for extra fun photos.

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


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