Hello sweet peas,

This time tomorrow Jordan and I will be in sunny Morocco, hopefully having found our hotel in Marrakesh, and exploring the beautiful capital. However before my mind can wander to all the fun we will have, I need to pack.

Packing can either be a painful or painless experience depending on how organised you are. I am not an organised person, even though I tell myself I am, so I loathe packing. Here’s a quick example of why I am not ‘travel-light’ friendly: last year I visited Amsterdam for 6 days so of course, I took 6 pairs of shoes. My mindset is you never know what will happen therefore always be prepared. What if you meet Beyonce and she invites you to a premiere of some kind? You do not have time to shop so a LBD (little black dress) and heels are always essential to a woman’s luggage.

Packing shouldn’t take long either. I know people who pack a week before travelling but I find gathering everything into piles is best so that you can just shove it into a suitcase the night before. Then you are assured that you have everything and don’t have to re pack several times. Between us, we have 15kg and an extra 10kg of hand luggage each so there should be plenty of space for everything. Luckily Jordan is very organised so we already have toiletries sorted and some how we have managed to buy everything we need. Due to the traditions and customs of Morocco, I have to cover up especially my shoulders and knees therefore this year I have had to buy a floaty, baggy and covered up summer wardrobe. This, as you could imagine, adds to the chaos of packing because it isn’t just t-shirts and shorts however I think everything will be ok. Two weeks of travel with the possibility of washing facilities in the riads/hostels means we don’t need to take 14 different outfits. I have limited myself to three pairs of shoes: sturdy sandals, converse and jazzy sandals because you can’t lose the sass when aboard.

I guess the only perk of packing is that we are using my suitcase therefore I get first choice of stuff in there- sorry Jordan. Instead of writing this blog post, I should actually start packing but no doubt I will find more ways of putting it off. Check out my blog tomorrow evening for an insight of Day 1 in Marrakesh, I hope you guys are as excited as I am.

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


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