Day 1: Marrakesh

Hello sweet peas,

3am alarm and on the road by half past, we were finally heading to Morocco. Checking in and customs didn’t take too long so we had a quick breakfast and found our gate. It was a smooth flight which is surprising bearing in mind we flew with Ryanair. The landing was still bumpy and uneven but we survived. Got through to customs eventually, found our luggage and jumped into the first taxi we saw. I’m glad I’m with Jordan because he is great at bargaining whereas I am just hopeless.

We are in Marrakesh for two nights and staying at the Mon Riad, it is gorgeous. Originally owned by a Italian, the building is a mixture of traditional Moroccan doors and painted wood carvings with Art Deco paintings and plush furniture. It even has a small pool located at the heart of the riad. The staff are very kind, upgrading us for free and being generally very helpful and smiley. It is located between the new and old city so perfect for tourists who want to see everything.

People always say to watch out for pickpockets and opportunists whilst travelling which is very wise.  In Morocco, it is common to be hassled with help and who would have thought that only landing in Marrakesh two hours previous, I would receive some incredibly good luck.  A local man took us to Mon Riad, without our permission, and demanded 100 Dirham (£7) for the short walk. Instead I gave him 50 Dirham which I think is still very generous and he left.  Whilst we were checking in, the man returned waving money at me. I had, in fact given him 50 euros instead of dirham which is a HUGE difference. We exchanged currencies and he left. He could have easily walked away with my money and I wouldn’t have noticed but he didn’t. Although I am still weary of big crowds, it has restored my faith in humanity.

Morocco-2 Morocco-3

Today we visited the old city of Marrakesh and its several mosques and getting lost down small alleyways. We watched the sunset from the rooftop terrace which was just stunning. The mixture of pinks, purples, yellows and oranges in the sky as a backdrop to Marrakesh, and Morocco, has made me super excited about the rest of the trip. Having been awake for over 18 hours including travel and heat, I think it is the perfect time for a big sleep. Check in tomorrow evening for Marrakesh ‘continued’ as we go explore the Medina.

Morocco-6 Morocco-4

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


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