Day 2: Marrakesh


My original aim was to post every day however the wifi here can be unreliable so please bear with me.

Hello sweet peas,

Today has been a good day, Marrakesh really is a quite a character.  We explored the newer part of the Medina today where all the markets were. Our maps marked the different regions e.g leather, spices, babouches (shoes) and more so we aimed to see everything.

Beforehand we took a walk around the Koutoubia Gardens and Cyber Gardens during the morning. They were both very lush with cold shade for once- in the shade it can still be 50 degrees! There were many locals who slept in the gardens in the shade, the heat can be unbearable at times so they definitely had the right idea. However the ants here are huge so I am keeping well away from them.  We returned to the Riad during the hottest part of the day and chilled in the pool. Marrakesh is great but the heat can be unbearable at points; today it was 45 degrees. Later that day  we got getting terribly lost in the wonderfully vibrant markets, somehow ending up in the back alleys where people were working.  Luckily the locals are very aware of lost dazed tourists and guided us back into the Medina but of course stopping off at his fathers spice store- not today, thank you. I’ve become quite good at shaking them off by just saying no or thank you and then ignoring. It seems very rude to do so but at the end of the day, they just want your money.

Morocco-7_compressed      Morocco-8_compressed

The majority of people in the Medina travel on foot or by motorbike even though tiny passageways. Also they do not slow down in the slightest so be quick to jump to the side if you’re wandering. Today I wore a strappy top, baggy trousers and sandals which was ideal with the hot weather. I didn’t feel uncomfortable having my shoulders bare because the rest of my  body was covered. I also didn’t receive any unwanted attention which was even better. When we go into more rural areas, I will cover up completely out of respect but Marrakesh seems to be less traditional.

Morocco-9_compressed Morocco-10_compressed

The sunset this evening was disturbed by the clouds but the sky still turned a hazy orange. After listening to the prayers that were blasted from loud speakers, the weather grew darker and a large storm formed. It was so awesome/terrifying to watch the lightening fill the sky. Walking through the alleys as the rain fell and the storm grumbled was also exciting. There were still plenty of locals about, unamused by the drastic change in weather. For dinner I had a jazzy meal of beef tagine with mash potato and onion croquettes which was fancily presented. Jordan had shredded lamb and “smashed” carrots- he won the best dinner this evening.  Currently Ramadam is taking place, 18 out of 30 days completed. Because of this, the general mood is very sleepy during the day as the majority of the Muslim population are conserving energy. However this evening, it has become electric. The streets are loud and vibrant, full of well fed tummies.

I definitely think Marrakesh is a two day city. I think we have explored everything it offers and without exhausting it. Tomorrow we are hopefully getting our car so fingers crossed that all goes to plan and we begin our road trip around Morocco.

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


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