Day 3: Ait Ben Haddou

Hello sweet peas,

Today is the beginning of our road trip and I’m super excited. We had an early morning breakfast and grabbed a taxi to the car hire place. Somehow we forgot that we needed a deposit as well as the payment but we managed to sort something out. Also we did have original worries about hiring car as Jordan is 19 and the majority of places have a 21+ rule. However our reservation was fine and we are now the owner of a Dacia Logan for the next 10 days, how very exciting.

The route from Marrakesh to Ait Ben Haddou took 3:50 hours but it was such a fab journey. We drove through the Atlas Mountains on a very twisty road and the views were incredible. The mountain range was astonishing as the stone changed from bright red sand to dark grey granite. Some would be covered in greenery and others were bare. There wasn’t a lot of traffic in the mountains as expected however huge lorries still shot past us, even on tight bends, like there wasn’t a sheer drop less than a metre from them. We also saw a double decker truck transporting cattle… only in Morocco. One of the cool things about driving around all the bends was when you had driven to the other side of the mountain you could see whole villages built below the road and into the rock, that you had driven past 2 minutes ago. Every so often you’d pass a lone man selling crystals, ceramic pots and orange juice miles from anything.

Morocco-13_compressed  Morocco-15_compressed

We reached our hostel Kasbah Ounila, which we found on Tripadvisor, in the late afternoon and we happened to be their only guests that night. The place was very quaint and homely but also had the most incredible view from its rooftop terrace. I can’t begin to explain how incredible it was so take a look at the photos Jordan took below. Being in the mountains meant there was a great breeze which was appreciated as our room didn’t have air con. We had a nap and then went from a walk in the mountains. We ended up doing quite a bit of climbing to get some good photos which was super fun.

Morocco-16_compressed  Morocco-14_compressed

Afterwards we walked back and had dinner on the rooftop. I had a yummy vegetable tagine and a very orange fanta. As the sky grew darker, the stars began to appear and they lit up the night. There was virtually no street lighting as we were in the middle of nowhere but that made the night sky even more luminous. The only sound was crickets and bats flapping their wings, such a lovely evening. We had an early bed because we have a long drive to Tingir tomorrow. It was so hot that I slept with a water bottle on my stomach to keep cool.

Morocco-18_compressed  Morocco-17_compressed

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


3 thoughts on “Day 3: Ait Ben Haddou

  1. beaniewatson says:

    Loving your updates! Can’t believe you were the only ones in the hostel – how peaceful. Happy memories being made I’m sure.
    Much Love, Beanie x


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