Day 4: Tinghir

Hello sweet peas,

Slowly and steadily I am trying to keep you all updated daily but it is proving a struggle so there is some back log.

Today we left Ait Ben Haddou for Tinghir, the place I am most looking forward to visiting. In the morning, we had donut- like bread with apricot jam and syrup and also had a bucket shower which was refreshing. I would definitely recommend the Kasbah Ounila just for the view but the price was also super cheap and the service was still good.

We left a bit later than expected but we still got to Tingir with plenty of time to explore the gorge. On our way we tried to find a fortified town near Ait Ben Haddou but it was just like all the other towns we had passed so we didn’t stop. We drove through Ouzazate, the main town in this area, and it was very modern. The roads were bordered with lanterns and palm trees. It also had a colourful movie complex with Egyptian statues. We didn’t stop but it added some excitement to our journey. Overall it took us 3 hours 40 to get to Tingir covering 170 miles.

We are staying at Etoile des Gorges, a small hostel located in the gorge. The rooftop terrace literally has a walkway into the gorge, it’s enthralling. The weather is cooler again like yesterday because we are situated next to a river which is good because this place doesn’t have air con either! Again we are the only guests at this hostel but the owner is still very hospitable. We went for a walk into the gorge and along the river. Jordan took so many pictures because it was such a magnificent area, a hidden gem of Morocco. So far this is my favourite place, it’s just stunning and better than I imagined. We bumped into some very enthusiastic women inviting us round to drink soup with their family but we declined and eventually managed to shake them off.

Morocco-20_compressed  Morocco-21_compressedMorocco-24_compressed  Morocco-22_compressed

That evening we were spoilt for dinner. I had Kefta (beef) tagine with a fried egg on top, a great salsa-like salad and Berber pizza. It’s kind of like a chapati with grounded beef and spices, it’s really tasty. Every place we have eaten at so far has given us so much food that it’s impossible to finish everything. It’s quite good though because we’re only eating two big meals a day because it is so hot. We left the windows open during the night to keep cool but I didn’t sleep very well because I thought there a giant black widow spider behind the curtain, even though they don’t live in Morocco. Maybe I am going mad? It’s not the end of the world, I’ll just be a boring passenger and sleep in the car tomorrow.
Morocco-25_compressed    Morocco-23_compressed

Keep smiling,
Love Poppy x


2 thoughts on “Day 4: Tinghir

    • pxoppy says:

      Thank you so much, you are too kind! It is so fab, if you haven’t been I suggest you go! I really appreciate your comment because I love reading your blog and updates on how you are, hoping you are feeling better x


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