Day 5: Merzouga

Hello sweet peas,
Today we are off to the desert, I am so excited. So far I don’t think I have been un-excited about anything! I am already planning our 2016 road trip in my head but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves now, it is only day 5 out of 14. We arrived in Merzouga earlier than planned but we stayed and chatted with Ahmed, the camel trekking guy, at his place until everything was ready. I don’t think I have ever met such a down to earth man with such a wonderful outlook on life. He told us about starting his business and the difficulties he had but as long as he was happy, it didn’t matter. We had some mint tea and small sticky cinnamon pastries that were traditional Ramadan snack foods. His place, Chez Les Habitants, was probably 500m from the desert and the area looked great. I didn’t realise that desert and large sand dunes just started by the side of the road, it was crazy.
Morocco-30_compressed Morocco-31_compressed
We trekked on camels for just under an hour which doesn’t sound long but it was a good amount of time to get used to the bumpy motion of the camel plodding through the sand. Our camel man was spitting more than the actual camels but he was friendly. We travelled into the desert as the sun was setting, it truly was a magical experience. I had no idea what the camp would be like but I didn’t think it would have electricity and running water! Our tent had a double bed, a toilet and shower and was completely carpeted and decorated- we were glamping Moroccan style.
Morocco-32_compressed Morocco-34_compressed
We went for a walk/climb over the sand dunes and took some photos, just missing the end of the sunset. We then had some mint tea and watched the stars appear across the sky. A second older American couple from LA joined us and we all dined together under the stars on chicken tagine. They were really friendly and gave us advice on places to visit/restaurants to eat at in Fez and the next couple of destinations we will be heading to. Once we finished, the men who led us into the desert played the African drums and sang songs. It all felt so surreal being in the darkness with sand under your feet, listening to music and watching out for creepy crawlies and snakes. We watched the galaxies form in the sky until late and now off to bed.
Morocco-33_compressed Morocco-35_compressed
Keep smiling,
Love Poppy x

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