Day 6: Merzouga

Hello sweet peas,

Today’s post is only small because a 7 hour car ride isn’t a riveting piece of information. 4:30am wake up call to watch the sun rise over the sand dunes, that was something special. We had a big breakfast afterwards, packed up and trekked out of the Sahara on the camels before the sun got too hot. I am so glad we went into the desert even though the whole experience was bonkers. We showered, packed the car and made a start on the 7 hour journey to Fes. This would be the longest car ride of the trip but Fes will be worth it.

Morocco-39_compressed Morocco-41_compressed

By the time it was 12pm, we had been on the move for just over an hour however we stopped and Jordan slept in the car for a bit. Today was a very hot day so air con was on high. There is no sense to driving at all in Morocco. Locals on motor bikes drive anywhere on the road and not even in the right direction. As long as you watch out for donkeys and carts, everyone else minds their own business. One taxi driver told us to stick to the speed limits siding our trip because the police are tough. However cars driving in the opposite direction flash at you warning of nearby police cameras anyway which is handy. The views again, were fab. I could never tire of watching the large mountains and river beds. I did sleep for most of the journey as we only got 4 hours sleep last night, however when I was awake, I haven’t laughed so much before in the car. Also the graffiti here is so random. So far I have seen a Martin Luther King quote, war propaganda and inspirational messages, and that’s what I can read in English.


The journey seemed endless but we finally made it to Fes. I am excited to explore the city tomorrow because the medina is a UNESCO site and supposed to be even better than Morocco. Our hotel, Riad Jamai, is located in the heart of the medina so finding it and parking was stressful but once we got all that sorted, everything was fine.

Dinner, shower and bed: today has been long.


Keep smiling,

Love Poppy


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