Day 7: Fes

Hello sweet peas,

I can’t believe we are only halfway through our two week adventure, it seems like we have done so much already! Today we went on a half day tour of the Medina which was great. Our tour guide Mohamed was very knowledgeable and took us to see all the different mosques and traditional artisan areas including the famous Fes tannery where I bought a nice book cover and I’m not sure why. We also visited the Islamic school, apparently the oldest university in the world, and a museum about wood (it was more interesting than it sounds). All the wood carvings and mosaic patterns on the doors within the medina were stunning, Fes really is a beautiful city. I was glad that the Riad owner advised us to have a tour guide because the medina is far bigger and far more confusing than in Marrakesh.

Morocco-49_compressed  Morocco-45_compressedMorocco-48_compressed  Morocco-46_compressed
We returned to the Riad for a rest and looked up more things to do in Fes. We walked over to the palace gardens but by the time we got through the medina and outside its walls, we only had five minutes before it closed. Ramadan messes up the times for everything but it wasn’t the end of the world. We decided to have dinner at the Riad this evening in the hope we could have a quick dinner, book some more accommodation for the next couple of days and get a reasonably early bed. However we were let down by the service as food was over an hour late (10:30!!) and we weren’t offered drinks or an apology. When Jordan refused to pay full price, the manager tried to get the cook to cry in front of us, it was really awkward. So we paid full price but will be leaving a bad review on Tripadvisor, sorry not sorry. It was shame because everything was great until then. Fes is a hustle and bustle city and I would recommend it to anyone.

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


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