Day 10: Casa Blanca / Essaouira

Hello sweet peas,

Woke up feeling really refreshed this morning and I’m so ready for today. It began with a stressful drive from Rabat to Casablanca, one of our shorter journeys of the whole trip, with myself leaving my phone at Habib’s. Luckily we had only left Rabat so it wasn’t the end of the world however there was more traffic and imbeciles on the roads. There was one guy just walking around a roundabout and someone else had parked their car also on a roundabout- absolute madness.

Casa Blanca was also traffic central. We only planned to take a short drive there to visit the largest mosque in Africa Hassan II; it holds over 100,000 people and non-Muslims are allowed inside as well. However King Mohamed VI was visiting THE ONE DAY WE WERE VISITING therefore it wasn’t open to the public. We were pissed to say the least and to reduce tension, we had some lunch because food brings happiness. On the other hand, the mosque was incredible from the outside. There is no photo that emphasises the enormity of the building and its grandeur. It has its own bit of man-made island built just for mosque, so you get a small idea of the scale. So what I have learnt about today is Casa Blanca is an alright city with a huge mosque but below par in comparison to the other cities of Morocco.

Morocco-73   Morocco-74

Our original plan was to arrive in Essarouira around 6pm but due to hectic Casa Blanca, we arrived at a much later time of 9pm. The journey was cool because we drove through a lightening storm and the sky was full of light. I’m excited to explore the seaside town tomorrow and maybe take a dip in the cold Atlantic sea. We are staying in Vent des Dunes, a beautiful BnB and reasonably priced for a tourist area. We have a lovely room and became acquainted with the BnB’s adorable kittens. What I have noticed is that every street of every town in Morocco is littered with cats and the whole debate of cuteness versus potential rabies is a daily dilemma for me. However these kittens were vaccinated and fell asleep on our laps. Fun fact: this is the third night in a row that we haven’t had dinner. We haven’t eaten much at all this holiday but are staying hydrated with water. The back of the car is littered with empty bottles. A very boring fact to end with, my apologises.

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


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