Day 9: Chefchaouen/Rabat

Hello sweet peas,

I had such a good sleep last night so I am ready for today! We woke up extra early, packed up the car and drove to the old city of Chefchaouen to explore the blue Medina. It was so pretty as the shades of blue darkened and lightened whilst we walked around. There were plenty of people painting the walls blue this morning, it obviously needs to be maintained. Even the taxis and lamp posts are blue, everything is blue! The reason it is painted blue is to keep the city cool and deter mosquitos. Also the colour blue is the colour of Islam; overall I am pleased we took a four hour detour to visit this wonderful town.

Morocco-62_compressed  Morocco-63_compressed

Morocco-65_compressed  Morocco-64_compressed

Please excuse the awful layout of photos, WordPress and I do not get on well.

We left for Rabat just after 10am and the journey was smooth. It only took us four hours and tonight we are using  air bnb for the first time. We are  staying with Habib and his big black dog Skimo. Dogs put me on edge but Skimo was just a big lovable pup with a cool orange bandana. Habib definitely made our stay in Rabat comfortable having a ‘mi casa es tu casa’ approach. The impression I am getting from Morocco is that if its legal, anything goes so we walked alongside the motorway and climbed up a steep hill to another junction because we couldn’t find the correct path. Also we found a McDonalds on the way and gave in to chicken nuggets. Afterwards we visited the deceased King Mohammed V’s mausoleum which was very grand. I hope to have my own mausoleum before I die… Hello MTV, and welcome to my mausoleum. We carried on walking through the city and visited some more ruins which were also the home to many herons which was cool. This road trip has been very educational so far, love me some history.

Morocco-68_compressed  Morocco-69_compressed

That evening we broke the fast with Habib after the sun set eating soup, cactus fruit and other Ramadan snacks. It was all really yummy and very generous of Habib to let us join him. We drank herbal water whilst he told us about his travels and work as a gourmet chef, he is a very interesting man with many stories. He went out into the night with his pals whilst we stayed in booking further accommodation and getting some sleep, travelling really does tire you out.

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


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