Day 11: Essaouira

Hello sweet peas,

There was no rush this morning to do anything as Essaouira is only a small fishing port and tourist beach so we had a nice long lie in, a big breakfast on the rooftop terrace and eventually wandered into the town. We are staying literally 5 minutes away from the beach, it is so dreamy. We walked along the coast, harassed by men selling ‘happy’ hash cakes and fake Raybans, towards the fish market. The market was super busy with many fisherman selling small little fishes to huge eels and stingrays. Unfortunately the smell made me sick to my stomach. The smell of fish isn’t usually great but hot rotting fish is not hot in the slightest. Fish in the open also means seagulls and there were a lot of them, and I mean a lot. We continued walking into the Medina and finally having our first ice cream of the holiday. I bought some Saffron for my granny (just to keep the ‘best granddaughter’ award), a couple of sweet postcards and some lovely smelling perfume blocks. We even had herbal tea with the spice owner in his small shop which was a bit random. Essaouira is a lovely bright town with friendly locals.

DSC_0968 DSC_0986

Afterwards we walked back next to the water, taking photos and just messing about. I really am loving life at the moment. Although it was hot, it was also really windy so the sea and sky were filled with kite surfers, it was great to watch. We sat on the beach for what seemed like hours before returning to the BnB to relax on the terrace balcony.  We splashed out tonight and had steak at Zahra’s Grill, it was really yummy. We also drank beer from Casablanca, finally another good thing about that place. Idiot of the evening went to me tonight because I bit into a large chilli thinking it was a pepper, classic me. The worst part was Jordan’s one was really small and I thought I had hit the jackpot but instead I had a mouth of fire- that is what karma feel like. Tomorrow we are heading to Agadir, another beach town not too far away. It is quite nice ending the holiday with some chilled out stops because we have on our toes for the past 11 days.

DSC_0976 DSC_0997

Keep smiling,
Love Poppy x


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