Day 12: Agadir

Hello sweet peas,

Today was another super chilled day with a lovely long lie in. The last couple of days are beach days for relaxing after manic 12 days of travel and fun. We set off to Agadir just after lunch and arrived about 3pm. For the first 20 minutes, we were locked out of our BnB which wouldn’t have been so bad if we weren’t bursting for the loo. The actual place Riad Les Chtis Agadir was lovely with a small rooftop terrace and a teeny tortoise roaming in the flower beds.

Both Essaouira and Agadir are very touristy places and it’s weird being around other white people. It was also weird not having to cover up as much as people were in bikinis and short skirts. That evening we went down to the beach and messed about in the cold sea. It was still very warm and the water was so volatile. Later we watched the sunset dip behind the mountain whilst many people gathered to picnic on the beach for Ramadan. On the mountain there were three words in Arabic arranged like a triangle which said God, Country, King according to a man trying to sell us crap jewellery. As it grew darker, the words lit up and the whole place looked idyllic. Agadir is a typical beach holiday destination for most however the beach was quite dirty in parts and  there were alot of people hassling you for money. We had dinner, and what would be my last Moroccan tagine, and returned to the BnB. Today seems like a really short day because we haven’t been very productive in comparison to other days. But we are on holiday so it’s all about relaxing. 

Keep smiling, 
Love Poppy x


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