Day 13: Agadir/Marrakesh

Hello sweet peas, 

Today is our final night in Morocco before jetting off home early tomorrow morning. I have had so much fun in such a wonderful and diverse country.

Again we had a long sleep, breakfasted and played with the teeny tortoise before wandering down to the beach for some sunbathing. It was foggy but still really hot. This holiday has been so go-go-go that just laying on the sand was quite relaxing. We stayed there for a couple of hours and then headed off to Marrakesh to return the car and offically end our road trip. The car journey took longer than expected so we didn’t arrive until just after 6pm. However that wasn’t an issue because we have already spent plenty of time in the city esrlier on in the trip. I am not going to miss the bizarre driving in Morocco nor the many police stops which put me slightly on edge. 

Marrakesh was flocked with tourists, it looked so weird compared to the start of our holiday. Literally as soon as we got out the taxi, all you could see was white/burnt holiday makers in a wide range of clothing. Some women covered, others in next to nothing and generally more families and groups of travellers. We dropped our things off in the Mon Riad, where we had stayed before, and suddenly realised how burnt we were- and I mean red tomato burnt. We had sat outside in sun during the hittest part of the day but due to fog we didn’t bother with sun cream. Classic us to do that on our last day. We went out into the night market and it was so vibrant with snake charmers, monkeys on leashes and men selling orange juice. It was so different compared to during the day because everyone is sleepy from fasting and the stalls are bare. We were basically dragged to a small pop up stall for dinner but it was really tasty. Mixed grilled kebabs and Moroccan soup for less than £6 each, absolute bargain. Whilst we were eating, multiple people tried to sell us things and Jordan got sassy with them. It was nice to sit and eat with other locals instead of grumpy tourist, it is so much more enjoyable. Dont get me wrong I am also a tourist but I much prefer to be emerged with the culture and  not ask for chips. Afterwards we went for a walk around the Medina and it was so beautiful. We had visited it before but I forgot how colourful and brigh it was. The only problem is you can’t admire anything too much otherwise the shop keeper begins to hassle you and try to sell you things. Even though we had been before, we still got lost but we also found other parts we hadn’t explored before. 

We strolled back to our lovely riad, very content and warm (probably from the sun burn), and went to bed. Our flight is at 9:25am so we need to rise early and make a move. I can’t explain how much I had enjoyed myself these past two weeks in an exciting country with my bestfriend. I am so grateful to have had such a great experience and would 100% recommend Morocco to anyone as long as you don’t waste it all on a beach or by a pool. I really hope you have enjoyed my almost daily blog of my trip and I will continue to blog my travels when they come about. Next stop is Cyprus at the end of August and Portugal in mid September, so watch this space.

Keep smiling, 

Love Poppy x  


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