Road trip essentials and advice

Hello sweet peas,

Are you planning a road trip anytime soon? If the answer is yes, you have found the right blog post for you. Here are some travel pointers on road trip essentials for wherever you may travel. I am using my travel experience in Morocco so the point of this post is to give you ideas or inspiration on how to ready yourself for your own travels.

What I would recommend:

1. You don’t have to book up the entire trip. The thrill of not knowing how long you will stay in one place adds to the excitement of the trip. We booked the first four nights including camping in the desert before we arrived in Morocco, and then continued book places on Tripadvisor and airBnB during our travels. It meant if we liked a particular place we could stay longer and there was no stress to be in certain places at certain times. As long as you have got your flight home booked, do as you please!

2. Using a suitcase isn’t always a nuisance. Having a car meant it didn’t matter what sort of luggage we brought because it would all be thrown into the boot. Although our parents advised us that rucksacks would be easier and safer, I beg to differ. Living out of a suitcase for two weeks is much nicer than a rucksack, especially as we had our own transport. Obviously if you are going by public transport then rucksacks are the better choice however for us, a suitcase worked perfectly well. It is all a case of trial and error (pun not intended).

3. Travelling with someone you know is always fun. My boyfriend Jordan and I had the time of our life travelling together, there was never a dull moment. Whether you go with family or a friend, having someone close always helps in difficult situations and you will never feel alone. Of course travelling alone is also a lot of fun forcing you to meet people, it can also be more dangerous. Therefore for your first big travelling episode, do it with someone you love and the next adventure can be to really find yourself.

4. Lush’s 4in1 soap bar. Recommended by a friend, the soap bar is perfect to reduce packing space because it worked as shampoo, conditioner, body wash and for washing clothes. It is important to keep it dry otherwise it goes mushy and we had to keep ours in a plastic bag. We bought the bright blue lavender bar which smelt amazing; it also come in other colours. The only thing I would say about this useful travel product is that it takes time for your hair to feel good using it so I also used some extra conditioner.

What I would have done differently:

1. Bring a guide book. We relied too much on the internet, which has plenty of information, however sometimes it is better to trust an old fashioned well informed guide book. In Fes, an Austrian lady lent us her Lonely Planet guidebook of Morocco and I was astonished with how much information, travel tips and detail it held. It really helped us plan our visit to Chefchaouen, including things we didn’t know that we could do. Plus they don’t take up any room at all in your bag!

2. Print out detailed maps of the big cities. Having an idea of where you are going in a big city can reduce stress and time wasting especially if you are trying to find accomodation. Many cities have small back alleys which all look the same and you can feel like you are running around in circles. Also having a map eases confusion when asking a local where to go because you can just point to your destination instead of trying to ask.

3. Use airBnB more often. It is such a different, and sometimes cheaper, alternative to staying in hostels or hotels because you can really get a feel for the country by living with a local. It is so safe and a way to make friends with people you would have never met otherwise. Our first experience was in Rabat in northern Morocco where we stayed with Habib and his lovable pup Skimo. He was so hosiptable giving us both advice on where to vist and privacy when we wanted it. 

Travel advice:

1. Always take a photo copy of your passport- Just in case you lose yours or it is stolen. You may not be able to leave the country but at least then you will have some form of proof of identity that you can give to the British Embassy.

2  Take different currencies out with you- Always take the national currency of the place you are travelling to and your home currency, just in case of an emergency. It is always good to have extra money hidden away because you never know what will happen whilst abroad. Even more so, a credit card (with no fees) could suit you well if you are travelling for more then two weeks because you won’t have to carry all your money on your body.

3. Be respectful of the country’s traditions and customs- Every country has its own ideas of the world and society therefore clashes can occur frequently. Visiting very religious or third-world countries need more research on how to act and dress than most western countries. It isn’t just that but also for example: the Spanish eat very late in comparison to most therefore if you go out for dinner at 6pm, good luck finding a restaurant open. By understanding and immersing yourself into the country through food, language and culture, you will have a better trip than being ignorant. 

I hope this helps you in any way, shape or form with your road trip or any other travelling you do. I would love to hear where you are next visiting so leave a comment below and any more essentials I could add to this post! 

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


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