Payia, Cyprus

Hello sweet peas,

How has your summer been? Hopefully full of travel, relaxing and soaking up the sun. I have been super busy over summer and have travelled quite a bit. Back in August I spent 6 days in Payia, Cyprus, just outside of Paphos, with my family and it was bliss. The last time I visited Cyprus I was 18 months so it is fair to say that it was a new and exciting experience for me. Cyprus, in general, is a classic tourist beach holiday for most which is usually well deserved for many full time workers. Although I love being constantly on the go, sometimes it is the ‘lying by a pool reading a book and taking a dip in the sea’ holidays that are the best in terms of giving your body, mind and soul, a chance to truly relax and forget all your worries.

We stayed at this sweet villa on top of a hill with a large pool surrounded by palm trees. You could see the sea from our balcony and everyday the sky was a perfect blue. The surrounding area were fields of banana trees, pomegranates bushes, cactus flowers and melons. It was such a refreshing environment to be around, a lot more interesting than English corn fields. The heat was a constant 34 degrees and above, only dipping in the evening to 22 degrees. Thank goodness for air con because sleeping in hot temperatures is the worst! We lived a twenty minute walk from Coral Bay, the main tourist strip, which wasn’t bad at all because you could still feel the sea breeze. Coral Bay beach is described as a small piece of paradise and I could kind of see what the locals mean. The beautiful clear water with some gentle waves against dark sand made the bay very picturesque. It wasn’t very busy nor very big in terms of size but it made it a more relaxing place. Also I would definitely recommend Paphos water park to anyone. All the big slides and rubber ring fun means no matter how old you are, you still feel like a kid.

payia blog2 IMG_7886

Our family holidays are very chill. We eat out sometimes, other times we are in the pool till late whilst Dad is burning meat on the barbecue. One thing I love about holiday is the yummy salads, meats and cheese for lunch and dinner. So much flavour, spice and healthy eating that tastes delicious. Oh and of course plenty of watermelon and ice cream if you fancy something more. Yet in the local supermarket, there was a whole aisle of Tesco Value food so you never felt too far from home.

One night Jordan and I went out to Pafos for dinner and drinks. We took a long walk by the coast and watched the sun set before eating. The sky was lit with blues, purples and oranges whilst the sun was a bright red; absolutely mesmerising. Jordan took loads of photos, using different lens and filters, and he got some awesome shots. Hand in hand we wandered down the strip and ate at sweet restaurant with Cypriot live music. There wasn’t a huge choice of places to eat but the food was really good and the atmosphere is very chilled. We had some cocktails which are always fun before getting the bus back to Coral Bay.


There is just something about lazing by a pool, reading and drinking, and soaking up the sun. I much prefer fun filled holidays with lots of travelling and sight seeing however a week of pure relaxation was definitely needed. The only thing that puts me off Cyprus is the 4 hour plane journey. It’s just too long and flying with Ryanair makes it even more uncomfortable. But I wouldn’t let that put you off! Interestingly enough, our taxi driver told us that Cyprus has a limited period of tourism, between June and September. Unlike Tenerife and the Carribeanan, there are no Christmas tourists looking for heat therefore only 5 out of 50 hotels in Paphos are open. How mad is that?

Only six days in wonderful Payia and I brought an excellent tan back to the UK. where did you guys go on holiday this summer? I’d love to know.

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


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