London- my second home

Hello sweet peas,

This summer I have been in London a lot. Living only an hour away by train, it is so easy to go on day trips into my favourite capital city. The majority of my family also live in and around London so I am there a lot. Now being at university and making more friends further afield, London is a good central place to visit. I am very lucky to say that I am quite well traveled at the age of 19, but out of all the capital cities I have been to, London is my favourite, always.

There is just something about it that never ceases to entertain or excite me every time I am there. The buzz of the city and the manic rush hour commute on the underground. The diverse community who live there and their influence to the different foods, clothes and city culture. The iconic buildings of central London and their random names: the Gherkin, Cheese Grater and Walkie Talkie, that fill the sky. The swanky restaurants and hotels in Covent Garden and on Fenchurch Street, to the food markets and jazzy exhibitions at Spitalfields Markets and on the South Bank.

You can be a tourist for the day and do the London Eye, London Aquarium and the London Dungeons. You can go on a shopping spree down Oxford Street, Carnaby Street and Covent Garden for big and small brands. You can get lost in Camden’s markets, bartering for shisha pipes, jewellery and vinyls whilst eating some of the finest and most diverse food you could ever find in one place. You can hire out Boris Bikes and follow the history that surrounds the city including the royal family, whom I think keep England quintessentially English with the grandeur of royal weddings and changing of the guards at Buck House. Moreover if you still feel like you haven’t done enough, why not visit one of the many museums or galleries like the V&A, Natural History museum and the Saatchi which hold so many incredible pieces of artwork and fantastic exhibitions. You are spoilt for choice and that is only a drop in ocean of the other galleries across London.

I swear by the Time Out London for quirky and one of a kind experiences in London. Two years ago, I surprised Jordan by taking him to the International Pillow Fight day in Trafalgar Square. All I told him was to keep the date free and the night before, to bring a pillow- he had no idea. Part of me was worried that it wouldn’t amount to much however over 2000 people turned up with pillows and all you could see was white feathers. That is one surreal memory that I’ll keep hold of forever and have to thank the Time Out London that I casually skim-read through. I have done the majority of tourist things, many encourage you to do including numerous West End performances, the London Eye and the yellow London Duck Tours. But one of my absolute favourite things to do with my mum is go to Shakespeare’s Globe, located on the River Thames, and see a play. During the summer, they put on international performances which are so much fun. I have seen a Bollywood ‘As you like it’ in Gujarati, ‘King Lear’ in Belarussian and this summer I saw ‘Richard III’ in Mandarin Chinese. With £5 standing tickets and English prompts on screen, there is no reason not to!

I would love to hear your London adventures and look out for my next post on London later on this year.

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


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