Second Year

Hello sweet peas,

Hasn’t 2015 just flown by? I have already finished my first year at the University of Bath and now onto my second year- it’s just mad. This summer I have been so excited to return to uni to see all my friends, start the new academic course and live in our brand new house off campus. It will definitely be a new experience and I’m sure it will be full of fun and mischievousness. I am living in a sweet three bed house on a mainly student estate behind the city centre with two other girls whom I lived with last year in halls.

It’s all very exciting doing grown up things like bills, applying for recycling bins etc. To any adult reading this, you must think I am ridiculous, but it is all new for me. Yesterday we tried to turn our heating on but we couldn’t work it out- aka cold forever but low bills. Slowly but surely we have managed to sort out all household essentials like wifi, TV and a kitchen bin. A necessary trip to Ikea for their infamous meatballs, and house accessories was of course due and now our house is pillows, throws and kitchen appliances galore. This is the problem with the Student Loan: you feel so rich when it first enters your bank account that by November, you are budgeted to £85 for three weeks- eek!

The transition from 1st to 2nd year is more significant than I previously thought. Even though in 1st year you feel like you have got complete independence, you still are looked after by the University whilst living on campus. Second Year is completely new kind of independence and it is scary to say the least. But it has been over three months and no fires or other hazards have occured apart from my wardrobe door falling off on the 3rd day. Henceforth, I think I am doing okay.

The work load has definitely increased this year but the real difference is that I am enjoying work more and actually like spending time reading around the subject. I am going out less for sure but the nights out are more spontaneous and overall more fun in Second Year. Halloween was great and I also saw Bonobo and Mount Kimbie in Bristol with a friend, definitely loving life. Everyone always says Second Year is better than First, and I’m undecided yet if it is. Whatever I think, I defintely now know who my long life friends are and hope that Second Year doesn’t as fast as the year before.

Motion, in Bristol with home gal pal Matilda.    Pop art Halloween costume.

Scary pumpkin, half wolf/half woman and skeleton house.

Creepy doll face paint, which I did when I was heavily intoxicated (oops).

Emily’s glittery 21st birthday.

Remember to keep an eye out on future blog posts about university life, work and advice. I am having an absolute ball.

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


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