Tea time

Hello sweet peas,

A common myth about the majority of university students is that we live off pot noodles, ready meals and toast. I am proud to say I have only had one of the three since being at university and that was for breakfast. I thought I’d do a short blog post giving you a glimpse of my average weekly dinners- if you want the recipes, comment below! I am not a culinary professional however I do enjoy cooking therefore try to have different meals every evening depending on what’s left in the fridge. Of course being a student means doing my own food shop once every two to three weeks learning the value of money and testing my common sense of planning ahead and not just what I would like for dinner tomorrow. Also living in a house of three, we tend to have joint dinners and take it in turns to cook which is handy.

The majority of my meals involve lots of vegetables and occasionally meat if I remember to defrost it- this is something I have not got the hang of yet: thinking about dinner before it is dinner time. Sometimes, to avoid the stress of work, I cook a large meal such as a tuna pasta bake for four people ideally to last me a couple of meals, a home made ready meal, ready to be eaten whenever you are hungry!

  • Monday: Chorizo, pepper, onion and courgette spaghetti.
  • Tuesday: Thai green curry.
  • Wednesday: Chicken Kiev and smiley potato faces.
  • Thursday: Tomato soup.
  • Friday: Fish finger sandwich.
  • Saturday: Chinese vegetable stirfry.
  • Sunday: Salmon Teriyaki with peppers, courgette and spinach.

The only real problem I have is making sure vegetables don’t go out of date. It is such a shame to waste good produce so I always try to plan ahead which vegetables need eating and make larger portions in order to reduce waste. I also don’t feel bad for having a large portion of salad or vegetables because it is still very healthy and bulks out my meals more. Since being vegan and pescetarian last February-May I have found myself using vegetables to replace carbohydrates such as noodles in stir frys and pasta with meat. Of course there have been evenings when it was easier to throw a fish cake and some potato wedges into an oven for half an hour instead of cooking, but I do like to cook and to have a colourful plate of food. 

As a student, what do you eat for dinner?

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


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