Hello sweet peas,

As the weather gets wetter, colder and just downright miserable, the thing I crave most is to head straight to the nearest airport and hop on the next flight.  Looking through holiday photos from summer makes me very nostalgic and deepens my desire to travel again once more. It reminds me of the happy times, adventures, excitement and laughter. I had such an incredible summer in Morocco, Cyprus and Portugal, I can’t begin to explain! I am always at my peak of happiness when I’m travelling and there is nothing better than knowing you have flights booked for your next adventure. Hence I am currently feeling slightly down, especially as my tan is finally fading.

Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love Christmas but apart from a few frosty nights, English weather is miserable. I would absolutely love to go abroad to experience a Christmas with different traditions and see a country full of festivities. Maybe Berlin to visit the famous Christmas markets with lots of snow or Barbados to celebrate Christmas day on the beach, anything new would be perfect for me.

In January I am going to Budapest for a couple of days with the girls from uni as a post exam celebration. I am so excited. I have not travelled much of Eastern Europe apart from Slovenia back in 2011 and I’m ready to explore some more culturally rich places like Hungary. But that just isn’t enough. I think having the most incredible two week roadtrip in Morocco back in July (check out my daily posts to see what went down!) has left me with this hunger to explore more.

Where to next you may ask? I am thinking island hopping in South East Asia, a Scandanavian adventure, a road trip of South Africa and visiting Brazil’s carnivals. This however all takes time, planning and money which as a student, I don’t have a lot of any. With all things considered, I am on my placement year starting next summer so will be travelling Spain and Italy anyway. I’m sure that can subdue my wanderlust for now I hope.

Have you guys planned any adventures? I’d love to hear so leave a comment!

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x



3 thoughts on “Wanderlust

  1. myzania says:

    See, that’s why living in Australia is good – summertime occurs when it’s Christmas, so you get stinking hot weather instead of cold stuff.
    No snow in mid-year winter though, at least in my part of Aust.

    I’ve been to Europe in spring/summer and travelled around a bit, either with family or school. With the family we also went to NZ a couple of years ago. This year it’s relatively local … up the East Coast and off to Northern Queensland….


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