Hello sweet peas,

It is official, I am no longer a teenager. I turned 20 last week and I love it. Most years you get another year older and not a lot changes unless you reach a milestone year like 18. But this year, I already feel like I have matured, gained knowledge only adults know and have given myself personal responsibilities that 19 year me would have simply disregarded. I feel so motivated and so anxious to learn, travel and influence others. I am more focussed on my studies, more conscious about making an effort with family and friends and mostly putting myself first.

Growing up is hard. Probably the hardest thing a person goes through is their teenage years. Your parents don’t understand you, and let’s be honest you don’t understand yourself either. You float in between different friendship groups, have unique and individual experiences that completely affect your perspective on life and still are expected to pass your exams with flying colours. It is the most intense years of your life; school becomes the central hub of your existence. The gossip, flirting, social agenda, aspirations and failure are all part of your school experience and in all honesty there isn’t much you control apart from waking up in the morning. I was very lucky throughout education. I loved school, starting as an eager 5 year old determined to show my teachers I was the best even when I wasn’t. This continued into secondary school where my ego was slightly bruised as I became a small fish in a very big pond. However I enjoyed every day of the five academic years, surrounded by friends, sports and subjects. School was a social experience for me. I never missed a day if I could try because I knew it would be full of laughter, passing notes in class, sharing lunches and hopefully no disappointed glares from teachers. However I was quietly competitive in class and in sports but overall I was a team player, and this definitely comes down to how I was brought up. Looking back on all this, I really enjoyed my teenage years despite the broken hearts and tears on irrelevant crushes and the bitchy comments from gobby girl gangs.

But now that I am 20, everything is different. I am planning ahead but not leaving anyone behind. I think I can honestly say that for the first time, I have my head screwed on. I want to be successful, to achieve as much as I can whilst enjoying life therefore a balance is needed now more than ever. I am one semester away from being halfway into my degree and in these next 2 and a half years, I want to make the most of what the university offers me. I need to start saying YES. This will be my New Years Resolution: to say yes. Yes to an all nighter at the library, yes to a walk in the park, yes to watching a French film on Japanese cooking, yes to everything in the hope I’ll learn something new about the world or about myself. I want to make my family, my friends and everyone else I know proud, to make a difference sounds cliche but everyone secrety wants to. I have the next 10 years to make the most of because let’s be honest, past 30 you are old and I want to never want to be old.

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x



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