Semester 1

Hello sweet peas,

First semester is finally over as the Christmas break is upon us and it’s been great so far. There have been many fun spontaneous nights out, lots of deadlines due and the transition of first and second year is drastic. Everyone seems so much more focused but also keen to go out and do things. The workload is increasingly heavier than before but I like having more work in order to organise my time. I am the sort of person who, given all the time in the world still would never complete anything fully. I need to have structure, deadlines or some form of timetable to guide my day otherwise Netflix in bed sounds about right to me.

I am really enjoying Second Year for completely different reasons than the previous year. Last year was new friends, new independence and a new city whereas this year is hard work, new home and plenty of wine. I have definitely grown up a lot since summer and it has made such a difference to my attitude towards work and life in general. I feel that I am in such a good place at the moment in terms of how my course is going, my university experience and how things are going with my fab friends and wonderful boyfriend.

I have seen quite a few home friends at Bath which has been lovely; I love integrating both home and uni life. It has made me realise that these four years are a taste of real adult life. We have run  out of loo roll, maybe I should buy some more instead of using kitchen roll? I would really like to meet up with ‘insert name’, I should call them and arrange a date. Wait how much is that scented candle? Maybe I should save that money and spend it on something more useful like loo roll… It is never ending personal organisation but it is something as a teenager I avoided/never appreciated aka BIG SHOUT OUT TO MUM AND DAD FOR EVERYTHING.

So what does second semester hold? January exams, more deadlines and summer exams, isn’t that just the best?! No seriously, there is way more to life than exam stress I know, but I do take part in the annual freak out ‘i am going to fail oh my goodness it is all wrong’ and afterwards I return to the happy Poppy I really am. It’s like exams bring out the Hyde of my Jekyll, I’ll try not to go super psycho but no promises can be made. On a brighter note, I am looking forward to second semester in terms of travelling opportunities. I am off to Budapest in January post exams with the uni ladies and in Easter, I am being whisked off to Estonia for a week by my incredible boyfriend as a birthday treat so watch out for more Eastern European blog posts in the new year. As well as travelling, I am planning on making more time for the city of Bath. I love it, absolutely love it and need to explore the place some more. Second semester will hopefully be filled with many nights at the library and in the city centre- the balance of work and play.

However for the moment, I am going to just relax and enjoy Christmas, look out for my Christmassy blog posts later this week!

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x



5 thoughts on “Semester 1

  1. Happy Girl says:

    Hi 🙂 just found out about your blog and I think it’s really well written. i’m also a student but in my 3rd college year and i couldn’t agree more on the “more work, but more wine” ahah . I study in Belgium (and speak french) but I went to Bath during the summer holiday, what a nice place to live !!! I hope finals went well for you xx

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