Hello sweet peas,

The countdown is nearly over, only four days till Christmas! Just as the song goes, it is the most wonderful time of the year as the festivities kick in. One decorated tree with sparkling fairy lights, silver baubles and small white and glittery ornaments like angels and snowflakes sits in the corner of our lounge. Along with numerous Christmas cards from friends and family all wishing us a ‘Very Merry Christmas’ and four stockings hanging by the fireplace, empty for the moment. Unlike last year, I am super super super excited for the 25th. I just love giving presents, as well as receiving them, but especially when you have found the most incredible present for someone special. I am a firm believer in quirky and different presents, never really buying anything that is from a ‘list’ especially if they’re boring everyday essentials. Christmas and birthdays are two times in the year where you should receive something thoughtful and surprising.

Of course Christmas is not just about presents, there is the often overlooked religious element of Christmas which all began with the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. I am not religiously inclined, but I do think it is important to learn the teachings and values that the biblical story tells, especially for young children. Nowadays Christmas is so commercialised, we see Santa in supermarkets in late November and festive adverts dominate the television screen until after January. To some extent, it is a shame that our society has become so consumerist but I do think that people are more aware of the community and try to give back.

One of my favourite things about Christmas has to be the food. Let’s be honest, you all agree. The stuffed turkey, gammon, peasant and, even more meat, alongside mountains of roast potatoes, all the veg you could imagine (including the crowd splitter: Brussel sprouts) and pigs in blankets. This is all topped off with red wine and festive cheer- my dad makes the best chestnut stuffing in the world, I cannot begin to describe the deliciousness! Of course Christmas dinner isn’t just a one-course affair- there are puddings of all kinds: Christmas pud, mince pies, chocolate yule log and gingerbread to name but a few. Then course there is cheese, grapes and crackers and the appropriate port just to top you off. I am sure many of you would agree with this, and others who would be shocked declaring their Christmas dinner to be better than this. But for me, that is perfect. The worst thing is that I don’t even care if I put on weight over Christmas because, at the end of the day, it is a time for eating and drinking with loved ones.

Sometimes I wish I had a very young sibling so I could fully enjoy the thrill of Santa leaving presents in our stockings. My sister is 14 so is way past the stage of believing but the four of us still open our stocking presents together and ‘thank Santa’ for our gifts. The novelty of Santa is such a fun idea, I can’t wait to have children of my own and have 10-12 magical Christmases waiting for Santa (but I won’t be having children anytime soon, just in case my boyfriend is reading- don’t panic bub!). I love talking to friends about their Christmas experiences. One friend’s mum used to sprinkle red glitter on the curtains as if Santa had been and another used to leave coal footprints on the carpet. As a child, I always used to worry that Santa wouldn’t come because we didn’t have chimney however my mum told me that Santa had a magic key so he used our front door. It is so fab how different parents add excitement to Christmas eve just for their children.

Do you guys have any Christmas traditions?

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


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