Hello sweet peas,

Back in late September, I spent 10 days in the small fishing town of Alvor in Portugal with the ladies from university. It was a glorious week and a half of beach, rooftop sunbathing, reading and 1 euro wine. Even though we went in late September, the weather was still very hot and I was able to top up my tan just nicely. I am a frequent traveller to Portugal because it is such a beautiful and idyllic summer holiday destination. Going off season is always a perk as well because the bars and beaches are clear of sunburnt parents with screaming children. We were probably the only tourists under 35 so of course too much vino and we caused havoc in local karaoke bars screaming cheesy noughties pop songs. It was fun at the time and secretly everyone else loved it… or so we can hope. We stayed at a friend’s uncle’s villa less than a two-minute walk from the wonderful Atlantic sea.

Seven girls, fourteen bikinis and plenty of oreo ice cream, we had a ball. I love holidays with no expectations, just good company, food and weather. As there were plenty of us, it didn’t matter what you fancied doing because there was always someone to do it with. A walk along the coast, a stroll into the cobbled town or some reading companionship on the roof. That is what holidays are about, no stress- just what you want when you want. The beaches were exceptional with many coves and underwater passages. One day we went on a boat and sailed along the coast. We did fishing, snorkelling and climbing through all the caves. You could see all the small silver fishes swimming around you and if you looked close enough, larger fish lurking behind the seaweed. It was a truly thrilling experience, despite the cuts and scratches from the sharp coral, such a brilliant day. We played  on white sandy beaches, avoiding the nudists, and laughed all day. To top it off, the whole day only cost us 30 euros each and we got free sangria- what a day to be alive.

It was so fab to have a final holiday before the start of Second Year especially because I hadn’t seen some of the girls for over three months. The next uni holiday is to Budapest in late January, and I am super excited so watch out for my posts on the beautiful Hungarian city in the New Year!

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x





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