2015- what a year.

Hello sweet peas,

And it’s all over. The big NYE countdown, the promises to yourself and loved ones, 2015 is officially over and for some, that is the best news they’ve had all year. It’s funny how New Year’s Eve is that one night of the year to celebrate all the good things that have happened and learn from the mistakes you have made. Being human is pretty hard, especially in the 21st century. There are rules that an ever-changing society tells you to follow and sometimes it just doesn’t float your boat. After my degree, am I expected to find a fab job to quit it four years later to have babies and become a housewife with useless cooking equipment and going to mummy and baby workout classes? Because in all honesty, that is not going to happen. Like most, I have a heart for travel and learning, using my languages to meet as many people, cultures and experiences as possible. Maybe I’ll settle down but I’m only 20, I’ll start thinking about that in 2030 perhaps.

Anyway back to 2015. This has been my favourite year so far because I have done so much. Starting university, making new long life friends, living away from home, visiting numerous places like Morocco, Copenhagen, Cyprus and fully realising who I am and what I believe in. University would have to be the best decision of 2015 and the two-week road trip across Morocco would have to be my highlight- it was so fucking awesome. Of course, there has been some sadness this year with my nana passing in November. That was the first time I have ever properly grieved for someone so important in my life and Christmas this year was tainted by her absence. However, I know she would be pleased to know how much I have enjoyed myself in 2015. All in all, I have been so lucky with how my life has panned out so far and hope that 2016 is filled with excitement and adventure.

My plans for 2016? Apart from finishing Second year, trips to Budapest, Tallin and Helsinki, my year abroad placement starts in June. In case it slipped your mind, I study Spanish and Italian at University of Bath and over the course of June 2016 – August 2017, I will be working in both Spain and Italy improving my language skills and hopefully gaining fantastic life experience. So yeah, you could say 2016 could be a good year for me also.

How has your 2015 been?

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


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