Told by Poppy: 1st birthday

Hello sweet peas,

Can you believe this is the 1st birthday of my little blog? This time, last year I began Told by Poppy and so far, it has gone really well. My writing style has definitely altered over time but I hope I have kept a consistent feed of interesting and entertaining blog posts. I have several big posts of travel and university life coming up in the next couple of months, and I am looking forward to sharing them with you. My New Years Resolution is to be more structured and organised so hopefully, this will reflect in my blog also. In order to celebrate the BIG DAY, I thought I’d look back on some of my favourite posts throughout the year.


This time nearly last year, my friend Laura and I jetted off to Copenhagen for a cheap city break and we got up to plenty of mischief. It is MAD to think that it has been a whole year but what a great way to start 2015.

Six key challenge

Living in halls made my university experience. Every day was a laugh unless the joke was on you…

Post party wakeup 

Reading back on this has made me realise what a boring Second Year I am. Last year we went out 3-4 nights a week and it was always hectic. This doesn’t mean I’m not having fun, it is just a completely different uni experience.

Why I am voting

This is only a small post but I still think it is very poignant as a young woman.

Goodbye First Year

Reading back on this is making me all nostalgic. I loved my first year of university and couldn’t have asked for a better one.

Day 3: Ait Ben Haddou

This was the official beginning of the two-week road trip Jordan and I went on. This small remote village in between Marrakesh and Fez was a wonder and the journey across the Atlas Mountains was incredible.

Day 8: Volubilis/Chefchaouen

This was such a fun day, I still remember it so clearly. Also, the photos Jordan took of Volubililis are beauuuuuutiful so please go check it out!

Morocco: what you need to know

This post is a reflection post with facts, advice and my opinions of wonderful Morocco. Very useful if you plan to visit the country.

London- my second home

Like the title tells, I LOVE LONDON. This post tells you my favourite things to do in my favourite city.


I have now lived for 20 years and so I thought I’d shared what is going on in my head with you.

Well there you go, I hope you enjoy reading some of my favourite posts of 2015. I look forward writing for you this year as well.

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


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