Exam season

Hello sweet peas,

January is literally the worst month in the calendar. The festive season has left us for another year and most of us are feeling blue. The Christmas tree is down, the winter break is over as people return to work and school and for most students like myself, January exams are here.

Luckily I only have two exams (and one piece of coursework) but it is still a stressful time for me because I am aiming for high grades. My first exam on Tuesday is on European Integration, as part of a European Studies module and my second one, next wee, is on Italian history and politics since 1945. Although my degree is a languages degree, I also have to study the cultural and historical aspects of Spain and Italy as well as a more in-depth political knowledge of Europe. I really enjoy my course, it is so interesting and thought-provoking but bloody hard also.

Anyway back to exams; everyone has their own way of revising when it comes to exams. I have to work very hard, ensuring I have plenty of time to learn the content (and factor in procrastination as well) to do well. I am all about mind-maps, flash cards and practise essays to train myself into exam mode. I wouldn’t say I got nervous about the day of the exam, only nervous that I wouldn’t do very well. Since living with others, therefore, talking about revision techniques, I have realised that everyone is completely different. One friend revises better under pressure so won’t start until a couple days before whereas another will work solidly from dawn to dusk cramming everything she can. I can’t approve or disapprove of these types of revision but I do know neither would work best for me. This week I have been revising in a numerous of places including a local cafe, the university library and home. I work well with background noise and home can get very quiet with the others revising also.  We’ve been lucky that no one has been too stressed, the three of us have been getting on really well.

My only problem this year is that I am feeling very relaxed, and I mean too relaxed. I’m not stressed one bit and I usually work well with stress. Admittedly there are points where I overreact and sure, I probably was being a massive stress ball but I’m not even phased by this exam on Tuesday. Yes, I’d say I was ready but not completely to get an outstanding mark. In 2016, I really wanted to knuckle down and do well in my Year 2 exams because it is worth 24% of my overall degree. I don’t know whether being this calm is right but I have two more days to work my ass off. I’ll be fine, I’m sure, perhaps.

Do any of you guys have exams? If so, good luck!!!!

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


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