Liebster Award

Hello sweet peas,

I have been nominated for my first ever blogger award, how very exciting! Thank you to Myzania, I am so pleased that you thought my little blog was worth the award.

The official post rules are:

1) Thank your nominator and tag them in your post(s).

2) Answer the 11 questions given to you.

3) Nominate 11 blogs with less than 1000 followers.

4) Ask your nominees 11 questions and let them know on social media.

Ok, here we go!!

What is your favourite book/ movie/ T.V. show and why? (You can give an answer to all three, or just one or two of them.)

Ok this is hard, I’d say Pigeon English by .. is an incredible book, very thought provoking and comical. My favourite movie is a joint first of Stepbrothers (I could recite the film for you now) and Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightely. And as for TV show, I don’t have a favourite but I do enjoy crime/drama series.

Do you prefer to read books or watch movies/T.V.?

I much prefer to read because I think it provides you with more personal time for yourself to think and rest however I would never say no to a movie marathon.
What song or songs bring out the most emotion in you and why?

I love listening to music, I have such a wide taste in all musical genres so this question is hard. I would have to say ‘I Was Here’ by Beyonce is one song that brings out the most emotion in me because it is very poignant to the way I think. Not only is Beyonce a MASSIVE role model for many women but her songs (especially those at the end of the album) really present the rawer side of her music. Also ‘Medicine’ by Daughter is another song that really brings out the emotion in me for more personal reasons.
What makes you laugh?

More like, what doesn’t make me laugh. I think on average, I laugh a minimum 20 times a day. I love life and there is always a funny side to everything. Positivity always outweighs negativity.

What gets you angry – and how do you deal with that? (‘That’ being the situation and /or the anger itself.)

I get angry at people not giving a shit about people’s shit. It’s so frustrating when people don’t attempt to cooperate or make someone feel uncomfortable over things. I’m not a confrontational person so I write out my anger in my diary, it is very therapeutic and usually highlights to me that an argument wouldn’t have been worth it.

What are you passionate about? (Other writers, you can name writing if you like, but name something else too.)

I would say I am passionate about the environment. I’ve always been conscious to be eco-friendly and change my friends and family’s habits in terms of recycling, electricity waste and avoiding plastic bags at all cost!! I have even started buying more clothes from charity shops and miscellaneous like coffee from independent stores. I’m not going to scowl at you if you don’t recycle but I will definitely do my bit to counteract your actions.

What is your earliest memory?

My earliest memory would have to be feeding the ducks at the local park when my grandparents came to stay. All the ducks snatching bread from my 3-year-old hand, with my nana worriedly watching out for the geese that were larger than me! Sometimes I wish life was still that simple and easy…

Do you have/ want a pet? If yes, what sort and why? If no, why not?

Yes, I have one black fat annoying cat called Spud. I miss him a lot when I’m at uni though, especially him sitting on my feet whilst I sleep. My absolutely favourite pet that I had to giveaway before going to uni was my Redfoot tortoise Ruby. She was so awesome and I never thought until now that a human could become so attached to a reptile.

What is your favourite time of year? (Holiday, season, etc.)

I LOVE CHRISTMAS. All the festivities and fun make it the most upbeat season of the month.

What is your favourite type of weather?

There is nothing better than a crisp blue sky with a small breeze. Perfect to go walking and brighten your day.

How long have you been blogging and what made you start?

Last month it was actually Told By Poppy’s first birthday as a blog, you can check out my celebratory post here! I started beside I felt that I had a lot to say and wanted to find an audience who would listen.

And that’s it.

The blogs I have decided to nominate are:

  2. Elizabeths space
  3. The Accidental Hipster Mum 
  4. Jimi Fuchsia
  5. Pinkblossom Corner 
  6. Silly Crazy Me 
  7. Life of a Teenaged Girl
  8. hashtagbrunetteblogger
  9. Emma Justine
  10. beatravelling
  11. White Girls Be Like…

Here are your questions:

  1. Tell me two weird facts about yourself.
  2. Why did you start blogging?
  3. What are your main goals/aspirations for 2016?
  4. Are you more of a cat or dog person, and why?
  5. What could you not live without?
  6. If you were stuck on a desert island, what three things would you take, and why?
  7. How would you define yourself?
  8. What would you order if you had a Chinese takeaway?
  9. Do you prefer to give or receive, and why?
  10. What is your favourite type of weather?
  11. Where is your next travel destination to?

Enjoy guys!

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


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