Northern Ireland- a weekend away

Hello sweet peas,

Have you ever been to Northern Ireland? Inspired by a short break last June, I would definitely recommend it as a good place for a weekend getaway. It has a rich history and in some parts of the country, that is very apparent. Make sure you get yourself on a guided bus tour to fully enjoy your weekend and understand the place you’re visiting. There are two small airports so it is quick and easy travel wise plus from most UK destinations, the flight is roughly 40 minutes giving you more time for fun and adventure in the land of Guinness and potato bread.

The capital Belfast is a lively city to get to know, full of good shops, bars and restaurants so there is plenty to do. I would recommend you book a table at Made In Belfast for some quality homegrown food and fun cocktails. The architecture and buildings are very pretty so if you’ve got a keen eye for photography, don’t forget to take your camera. Also, Belfast in the summer does not disappoint so your Instagram feed will be blessed after your weekend away. In terms of the nightlife, life is a party here in Belfast so if you want a place to boogie, you won’t struggle to find a night club. Although you won’t find a drunk Irish who can understand your typically English accent after a couple of pints! According to my Northern Irish friend, weekdays are best for students with numerous drinks and entry deals whereas on the weekend, there is a more local and older vibe. Either way, if you’re up for a good time then you’ve got it. Of course the next morning, make sure you head down to Maggie May’s for the ultimate hangover cure. Serving an old day breakfast designed to cure your banging head and aching stomach, you will not be disappointed. I would go as far to say that it was a heavenly experience. Belfast is quirky, Belfast is fun- go to Belfast.

Depending where you stay, there is a fab walkway at Sea Park in Holywood, perfect for a night-time stroll with your loved ones. Also along the way, there is a small pub called the Dirty Duck which has a lot of character and live music most nights. Wherever I go, I always find that going to the small local places really adds an edge to your visit and teaches you what life is really like there. Always choosing the independent coffee shop before the Starbucks and the locally sourced pub over a well-known chain restaurant- I can guarantee that you’ll enjoy yourself more that way. Another place to visit on a bright sunny day is Bangor, especially with children. There are tons of play parks, ice cream parlors, walkways and fun fair rides for a classic day by the seaside. Although there isn’t really a beach to sit on, you are by the coast taking in the sea breeze and its beautiful surroundings. Try out the Jamaica Inn for a proper lunch, hopefully getting a table outside to continue to enjoy the view!

Of course there are so many more things to do, see, eat and experience however this was my first time in Northern Ireland! I guess this is an excuse to go back again and explore the rest of this warm and welcoming country.

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


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