Northern Ireland- a weekend away

Hello sweet peas,

Have you ever been to Northern Ireland? Inspired by a short break last June, I would definitely recommend it as a good place for a weekend getaway. It has a rich history and in some parts of the country, that is very apparent. Make sure you get yourself on a guided bus tour to fully enjoy your weekend and understand the place you’re visiting. There are two small airports so it is quick and easy travel wise plus from most UK destinations, the flight is roughly 40 minutes giving you more time for fun and adventure in the land of Guinness and potato bread.

The capital Belfast is a lively city to get to know, full of good shops, bars and restaurants so there is plenty to do. I would recommend you book a table at Made In Belfast for some quality homegrown food and fun cocktails. The architecture and buildings are very pretty so if you’ve got a keen eye for photography, don’t forget to take your camera. Also, Belfast in the summer does not disappoint so your Instagram feed will be blessed after your weekend away. In terms of the nightlife, life is a party here in Belfast so if you want a place to boogie, you won’t struggle to find a night club. Although you won’t find a drunk Irish who can understand your typically English accent after a couple of pints! According to my Northern Irish friend, weekdays are best for students with numerous drinks and entry deals whereas on the weekend, there is a more local and older vibe. Either way, if you’re up for a good time then you’ve got it. Of course the next morning, make sure you head down to Maggie May’s for the ultimate hangover cure. Serving an old day breakfast designed to cure your banging head and aching stomach, you will not be disappointed. I would go as far to say that it was a heavenly experience. Belfast is quirky, Belfast is fun- go to Belfast.

Depending where you stay, there is a fab walkway at Sea Park in Holywood, perfect for a night-time stroll with your loved ones. Also along the way, there is a small pub called the Dirty Duck which has a lot of character and live music most nights. Wherever I go, I always find that going to the small local places really adds an edge to your visit and teaches you what life is really like there. Always choosing the independent coffee shop before the Starbucks and the locally sourced pub over a well-known chain restaurant- I can guarantee that you’ll enjoy yourself more that way. Another place to visit on a bright sunny day is Bangor, especially with children. There are tons of play parks, ice cream parlors, walkways and fun fair rides for a classic day by the seaside. Although there isn’t really a beach to sit on, you are by the coast taking in the sea breeze and its beautiful surroundings. Try out the Jamaica Inn for a proper lunch, hopefully getting a table outside to continue to enjoy the view!

Of course there are so many more things to do, see, eat and experience however this was my first time in Northern Ireland! I guess this is an excuse to go back again and explore the rest of this warm and welcoming country.

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x

From Budapest, with love x

Hello sweet peas,

Two months ago I was in the beautiful city of Budapest and it was fantastic. Budapest is the capital of Hungary and has always been a tourist hotspot both in winter and summer. I went with three of my best gal pals and we had a blast, exploring the infamous thermal baths, indulging in a bit of culture on walking tours and visiting the important hotspots of the city. We were incredibly lucky with the weather, bearing in mind we went late January, with most days between 0 and -4 degrees. Of course, that also meant snow (!!) which brought back my Christmassy mood and Budapest just looked so picturesque with snow on the branches and buildings.

Flying from the UK, prices were very reasonable so we soon jetted off to Budapest for roughly £60 return flights and the prices in Budapest just continued to lower. It is such a cheap city with beer cheaper than water so it is definitely the place to have some fun. Working out the cost of money is always a small hassle especially with 410 HUF to 1 GBP when out shopping but at the end of the day, everything is so cheap money wasn’t really a problem. We stayed in a decent hostel in the centre of the city which meant we walked everywhere. We had looked into the public transport and different travel cards but I definitely don’t think anyone would struggle to walk around such a beautiful city.

Food-wise, there is a lot of goulash but it is so delicious that you just can’t help but have it nearly every night. If you’re big on trying local delicacies like me, then this is the perfect city for you with the majority of touristy and non-touristy restaurants providing an array of beef goulash, gipsy styled pork and wholesome soups. 100% I would recommend that you visit Bors gastro bar, even if you are only in Budapest for 12 hours because it was the best soup I have ever had in my life- almost Michelin star soup!!! Also keeping with the theme of local delicacies, you must try a Langos. It is a deep fried doughnut without the hole and can be filled with plenty of yummy fillings from cheese, bacon, Nutella and sugar galore. That, along with some mulled wine which we kept topped up on whilst exploring the city, was the perfect snack combination. There are so many good food places across the city, it would be a bore to name them all however, I will give a BIG shoutout to the teeny and quaint Darjeeling Tea Room where we ate breakfast most mornings and Fat Mamas which supplied great local beers and piping hot food! If you’re a coffee snob, check out Cafe Frei near the Szechenyi Baths for a worldly coffee experience. The coffees are labelled by bean continents of origin e.g. Africa, South America, Asia etc. and then all have fun character country names. My first coffee was so good that I had to try another! (plus the fact it was so cheap, I couldn’t find an excuse not to). To fulfil all your food fantasies, you must visit the Central Market Hall to not only see the locals buy their fruit, meat and bread but also to get some of the best food in town!

In terms of what to see and visit, there is plenty to do in Budapest. You can go all the way up the top of St Stephen’s Basilica and see some incredible views of the city. Luckily it wasn’t too foggy so we got some wonderful photos of the snowy city. The walk seemed like forever as the stairways got smaller and windier but it was so worth it. If you’re a student, remember to take your student card with you because at most large cultural exhibits and tourist attractions, you can get a student discount! You should also 100% visit Hero Square and the Castle Gardens. It seems like Budapest is one of those cities that looks just as grand in both rain, snow or shine so the weather should never ruin your trip. Over in Buda across the Chain Bridge is the Church in the Rock which is well wortha visit also. There are plenty of museums and walking tours to divulge in some history and culture. We took a fantastic free Communism walking tour across the city visiting Parliament, many different statues and interesting stories to go with it. We didn’t have a chance to visit the House of Terror due to building renovations which was a shame because I had studied about it in one of my lectures. That being, I will definitely go back in order to visit that museum.

Of course the most important thing you should do when in Budapest, is visit one (or more) of the famous thermal baths. We spent the entire day at the Szechenyi Baths, and it was bliss. Prebooked at our hostel, most places are very happy to book it for you, we skipped the queues and also booked a massage. It was so much fun; with 18 pools and 10 saunas, there is plenty to do. The 18 degree outside pool with jets and a whirlpool was great because all the steam produced, created a mysterious vibe around the pool as the day went on. The saunas really cleared my skin and I felt so healthy and cleansed. The best thing about visiting the baths was the massage I received- 30 minutes of being beaten up but the pain was so worth it. The baths aren’t very expensive at all and there are plenty across the city so take your pick! After a day of relaxation, you should spend the evening at Budapest’s infamous ruin bars in the Jewish quarter of the city. Good beer, good company, crazy vibes and Hungarian house music, I could have spent all night there. There is over 15 ruin bars but the most famous are Fogas Haz and Szimpla Kert- they are well wroth a visit. Unfortunately I couldn’t get any good photos inside because of the funky low key lighting so you’ll just have to visit them yourselves!

Budapest is definitely a 4 day city in order to get the most out of your visit. There is so much to do, so much to eat and so much to enjoy. I would love to visit in the summer as well because I think you could have a completely different experience of such an awesome city. My next adventure is to Tallin, Estonia and Helsinki, Finland with my boyfriend in a couple of weeks time. I am super excited to update you about my future travels soon.

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x



Liebster Award

Hello sweet peas,

I have been nominated for my first ever blogger award, how very exciting! Thank you to Myzania, I am so pleased that you thought my little blog was worth the award.

The official post rules are:

1) Thank your nominator and tag them in your post(s).

2) Answer the 11 questions given to you.

3) Nominate 11 blogs with less than 1000 followers.

4) Ask your nominees 11 questions and let them know on social media.

Ok, here we go!!

What is your favourite book/ movie/ T.V. show and why? (You can give an answer to all three, or just one or two of them.)

Ok this is hard, I’d say Pigeon English by .. is an incredible book, very thought provoking and comical. My favourite movie is a joint first of Stepbrothers (I could recite the film for you now) and Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightely. And as for TV show, I don’t have a favourite but I do enjoy crime/drama series.

Do you prefer to read books or watch movies/T.V.?

I much prefer to read because I think it provides you with more personal time for yourself to think and rest however I would never say no to a movie marathon.
What song or songs bring out the most emotion in you and why?

I love listening to music, I have such a wide taste in all musical genres so this question is hard. I would have to say ‘I Was Here’ by Beyonce is one song that brings out the most emotion in me because it is very poignant to the way I think. Not only is Beyonce a MASSIVE role model for many women but her songs (especially those at the end of the album) really present the rawer side of her music. Also ‘Medicine’ by Daughter is another song that really brings out the emotion in me for more personal reasons.
What makes you laugh?

More like, what doesn’t make me laugh. I think on average, I laugh a minimum 20 times a day. I love life and there is always a funny side to everything. Positivity always outweighs negativity.

What gets you angry – and how do you deal with that? (‘That’ being the situation and /or the anger itself.)

I get angry at people not giving a shit about people’s shit. It’s so frustrating when people don’t attempt to cooperate or make someone feel uncomfortable over things. I’m not a confrontational person so I write out my anger in my diary, it is very therapeutic and usually highlights to me that an argument wouldn’t have been worth it.

What are you passionate about? (Other writers, you can name writing if you like, but name something else too.)

I would say I am passionate about the environment. I’ve always been conscious to be eco-friendly and change my friends and family’s habits in terms of recycling, electricity waste and avoiding plastic bags at all cost!! I have even started buying more clothes from charity shops and miscellaneous like coffee from independent stores. I’m not going to scowl at you if you don’t recycle but I will definitely do my bit to counteract your actions.

What is your earliest memory?

My earliest memory would have to be feeding the ducks at the local park when my grandparents came to stay. All the ducks snatching bread from my 3-year-old hand, with my nana worriedly watching out for the geese that were larger than me! Sometimes I wish life was still that simple and easy…

Do you have/ want a pet? If yes, what sort and why? If no, why not?

Yes, I have one black fat annoying cat called Spud. I miss him a lot when I’m at uni though, especially him sitting on my feet whilst I sleep. My absolutely favourite pet that I had to giveaway before going to uni was my Redfoot tortoise Ruby. She was so awesome and I never thought until now that a human could become so attached to a reptile.

What is your favourite time of year? (Holiday, season, etc.)

I LOVE CHRISTMAS. All the festivities and fun make it the most upbeat season of the month.

What is your favourite type of weather?

There is nothing better than a crisp blue sky with a small breeze. Perfect to go walking and brighten your day.

How long have you been blogging and what made you start?

Last month it was actually Told By Poppy’s first birthday as a blog, you can check out my celebratory post here! I started beside I felt that I had a lot to say and wanted to find an audience who would listen.

And that’s it.

The blogs I have decided to nominate are:

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Here are your questions:

  1. Tell me two weird facts about yourself.
  2. Why did you start blogging?
  3. What are your main goals/aspirations for 2016?
  4. Are you more of a cat or dog person, and why?
  5. What could you not live without?
  6. If you were stuck on a desert island, what three things would you take, and why?
  7. How would you define yourself?
  8. What would you order if you had a Chinese takeaway?
  9. Do you prefer to give or receive, and why?
  10. What is your favourite type of weather?
  11. Where is your next travel destination to?

Enjoy guys!

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x

London: The perfect day

Hello sweet peas,

Have you ever planned a perfect weekend for you and your partner/friend and it just didn’t go to plan? Usually, those weekends end up being even better than expected or really stressful. As London is my favourite capital city in the world, I thought I’d present you with the perfect day there and I can vouch that it will be full of fun and excitement.

First of all, you should meet whoever your companion may be, be it mother, brother, boyfriend or best friend, at a small but delicious hotspot Muriel’s Kitchen in South Kensington. Not only is 20 seconds from the tube station, making it a perfect and easy meetup point but it does some brilliant brunch and not too expensive for London. Whether you go for the Ultimate Sausage Sarnie or the Eggs Royale (with extra avocado of course), you will not be disappointed. The staff are incredibly friendly and the atmosphere is lively, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

Afterwards, take a walk over along Exhibition road where you will find a great number of museums like the V&A or Science museum. Only being around the corner from brunch, it is worthwhile popping over and checking out the free exhibitions or buy tickets for one of the main attractions. I would recommend you check out the Sensational Butterflies pop up tent in the gardens of the Natural History museum, it is full of exotic and intriguing butterflies whom happily fly about and sit on your shoulder. Mind you, it is very hot in there so make sure you take off your coat!

Next make your way to South Kensington tube station and on the Circle Line to Notting Hill Gate station. Yes, that is where the famous book and film Notting Hill was partly filmed, you can find the actual bookshop from the film along a side street off Portobello Road. Now for the next part of your adventure, a wander down the Portobello Markets. Maybe grab a coffee or freshly squeezed juice from one of the stalls and then buy some quirky vintage clothing. These markets are a breath of fresh air in comparison to Camden because that has become a massive tourist spot. I’d still hype Camden but there is just something about Portobello which feels so right. Staying with the movie theme, if you enjoy the cinema you should 100% go to the Electric Cinema located roughly in the middle of Portobello Road. It is an old-fashioned theatre, now cinema with big red comfy sofas and beds to sit/lay on whilst watching the film. They do the latest blockbusters and independent films, as well as serving alcoholic drinks alongside popcorn. Tickets are quite expensive, but the experience is well worth it.

Once you have explored the markets, it is probably about time to grab some late lunch therefore, you should make your way to the Southbank for some incredible street food and a beautiful view of London Bridge from the roof garden on the Queen Elizabeth Hall. The street food market is truly international from Korritos (Korean burritos), Ethiopian stew and Morrocan tagine, there is something for everyone. Thereis something  quite perfect about London on a bright crisp day, and walking along the Southbank allows you to fully admire this great city. If you want an alternative view, grab a water bus and head to the Emirates Air Line for a birds eye view of London- that would truly end your perfect day.

Let me know if you trial the perfect day in London, I’d love to hear about it. But remember your company makes the perfect day so take someone special and super fun!

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x

Exam season

Hello sweet peas,

January is literally the worst month in the calendar. The festive season has left us for another year and most of us are feeling blue. The Christmas tree is down, the winter break is over as people return to work and school and for most students like myself, January exams are here.

Luckily I only have two exams (and one piece of coursework) but it is still a stressful time for me because I am aiming for high grades. My first exam on Tuesday is on European Integration, as part of a European Studies module and my second one, next wee, is on Italian history and politics since 1945. Although my degree is a languages degree, I also have to study the cultural and historical aspects of Spain and Italy as well as a more in-depth political knowledge of Europe. I really enjoy my course, it is so interesting and thought-provoking but bloody hard also.

Anyway back to exams; everyone has their own way of revising when it comes to exams. I have to work very hard, ensuring I have plenty of time to learn the content (and factor in procrastination as well) to do well. I am all about mind-maps, flash cards and practise essays to train myself into exam mode. I wouldn’t say I got nervous about the day of the exam, only nervous that I wouldn’t do very well. Since living with others, therefore, talking about revision techniques, I have realised that everyone is completely different. One friend revises better under pressure so won’t start until a couple days before whereas another will work solidly from dawn to dusk cramming everything she can. I can’t approve or disapprove of these types of revision but I do know neither would work best for me. This week I have been revising in a numerous of places including a local cafe, the university library and home. I work well with background noise and home can get very quiet with the others revising also.  We’ve been lucky that no one has been too stressed, the three of us have been getting on really well.

My only problem this year is that I am feeling very relaxed, and I mean too relaxed. I’m not stressed one bit and I usually work well with stress. Admittedly there are points where I overreact and sure, I probably was being a massive stress ball but I’m not even phased by this exam on Tuesday. Yes, I’d say I was ready but not completely to get an outstanding mark. In 2016, I really wanted to knuckle down and do well in my Year 2 exams because it is worth 24% of my overall degree. I don’t know whether being this calm is right but I have two more days to work my ass off. I’ll be fine, I’m sure, perhaps.

Do any of you guys have exams? If so, good luck!!!!

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x

Told by Poppy: 1st birthday

Hello sweet peas,

Can you believe this is the 1st birthday of my little blog? This time, last year I began Told by Poppy and so far, it has gone really well. My writing style has definitely altered over time but I hope I have kept a consistent feed of interesting and entertaining blog posts. I have several big posts of travel and university life coming up in the next couple of months, and I am looking forward to sharing them with you. My New Years Resolution is to be more structured and organised so hopefully, this will reflect in my blog also. In order to celebrate the BIG DAY, I thought I’d look back on some of my favourite posts throughout the year.


This time nearly last year, my friend Laura and I jetted off to Copenhagen for a cheap city break and we got up to plenty of mischief. It is MAD to think that it has been a whole year but what a great way to start 2015.

Six key challenge

Living in halls made my university experience. Every day was a laugh unless the joke was on you…

Post party wakeup 

Reading back on this has made me realise what a boring Second Year I am. Last year we went out 3-4 nights a week and it was always hectic. This doesn’t mean I’m not having fun, it is just a completely different uni experience.

Why I am voting

This is only a small post but I still think it is very poignant as a young woman.

Goodbye First Year

Reading back on this is making me all nostalgic. I loved my first year of university and couldn’t have asked for a better one.

Day 3: Ait Ben Haddou

This was the official beginning of the two-week road trip Jordan and I went on. This small remote village in between Marrakesh and Fez was a wonder and the journey across the Atlas Mountains was incredible.

Day 8: Volubilis/Chefchaouen

This was such a fun day, I still remember it so clearly. Also, the photos Jordan took of Volubililis are beauuuuuutiful so please go check it out!

Morocco: what you need to know

This post is a reflection post with facts, advice and my opinions of wonderful Morocco. Very useful if you plan to visit the country.

London- my second home

Like the title tells, I LOVE LONDON. This post tells you my favourite things to do in my favourite city.


I have now lived for 20 years and so I thought I’d shared what is going on in my head with you.

Well there you go, I hope you enjoy reading some of my favourite posts of 2015. I look forward writing for you this year as well.

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x

2015- what a year.

Hello sweet peas,

And it’s all over. The big NYE countdown, the promises to yourself and loved ones, 2015 is officially over and for some, that is the best news they’ve had all year. It’s funny how New Year’s Eve is that one night of the year to celebrate all the good things that have happened and learn from the mistakes you have made. Being human is pretty hard, especially in the 21st century. There are rules that an ever-changing society tells you to follow and sometimes it just doesn’t float your boat. After my degree, am I expected to find a fab job to quit it four years later to have babies and become a housewife with useless cooking equipment and going to mummy and baby workout classes? Because in all honesty, that is not going to happen. Like most, I have a heart for travel and learning, using my languages to meet as many people, cultures and experiences as possible. Maybe I’ll settle down but I’m only 20, I’ll start thinking about that in 2030 perhaps.

Anyway back to 2015. This has been my favourite year so far because I have done so much. Starting university, making new long life friends, living away from home, visiting numerous places like Morocco, Copenhagen, Cyprus and fully realising who I am and what I believe in. University would have to be the best decision of 2015 and the two-week road trip across Morocco would have to be my highlight- it was so fucking awesome. Of course, there has been some sadness this year with my nana passing in November. That was the first time I have ever properly grieved for someone so important in my life and Christmas this year was tainted by her absence. However, I know she would be pleased to know how much I have enjoyed myself in 2015. All in all, I have been so lucky with how my life has panned out so far and hope that 2016 is filled with excitement and adventure.

My plans for 2016? Apart from finishing Second year, trips to Budapest, Tallin and Helsinki, my year abroad placement starts in June. In case it slipped your mind, I study Spanish and Italian at University of Bath and over the course of June 2016 – August 2017, I will be working in both Spain and Italy improving my language skills and hopefully gaining fantastic life experience. So yeah, you could say 2016 could be a good year for me also.

How has your 2015 been?

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x


Hello sweet peas,

Back in late September, I spent 10 days in the small fishing town of Alvor in Portugal with the ladies from university. It was a glorious week and a half of beach, rooftop sunbathing, reading and 1 euro wine. Even though we went in late September, the weather was still very hot and I was able to top up my tan just nicely. I am a frequent traveller to Portugal because it is such a beautiful and idyllic summer holiday destination. Going off season is always a perk as well because the bars and beaches are clear of sunburnt parents with screaming children. We were probably the only tourists under 35 so of course too much vino and we caused havoc in local karaoke bars screaming cheesy noughties pop songs. It was fun at the time and secretly everyone else loved it… or so we can hope. We stayed at a friend’s uncle’s villa less than a two-minute walk from the wonderful Atlantic sea.

Seven girls, fourteen bikinis and plenty of oreo ice cream, we had a ball. I love holidays with no expectations, just good company, food and weather. As there were plenty of us, it didn’t matter what you fancied doing because there was always someone to do it with. A walk along the coast, a stroll into the cobbled town or some reading companionship on the roof. That is what holidays are about, no stress- just what you want when you want. The beaches were exceptional with many coves and underwater passages. One day we went on a boat and sailed along the coast. We did fishing, snorkelling and climbing through all the caves. You could see all the small silver fishes swimming around you and if you looked close enough, larger fish lurking behind the seaweed. It was a truly thrilling experience, despite the cuts and scratches from the sharp coral, such a brilliant day. We played  on white sandy beaches, avoiding the nudists, and laughed all day. To top it off, the whole day only cost us 30 euros each and we got free sangria- what a day to be alive.

It was so fab to have a final holiday before the start of Second Year especially because I hadn’t seen some of the girls for over three months. The next uni holiday is to Budapest in late January, and I am super excited so watch out for my posts on the beautiful Hungarian city in the New Year!

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x





Hello sweet peas,

The countdown is nearly over, only four days till Christmas! Just as the song goes, it is the most wonderful time of the year as the festivities kick in. One decorated tree with sparkling fairy lights, silver baubles and small white and glittery ornaments like angels and snowflakes sits in the corner of our lounge. Along with numerous Christmas cards from friends and family all wishing us a ‘Very Merry Christmas’ and four stockings hanging by the fireplace, empty for the moment. Unlike last year, I am super super super excited for the 25th. I just love giving presents, as well as receiving them, but especially when you have found the most incredible present for someone special. I am a firm believer in quirky and different presents, never really buying anything that is from a ‘list’ especially if they’re boring everyday essentials. Christmas and birthdays are two times in the year where you should receive something thoughtful and surprising.

Of course Christmas is not just about presents, there is the often overlooked religious element of Christmas which all began with the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. I am not religiously inclined, but I do think it is important to learn the teachings and values that the biblical story tells, especially for young children. Nowadays Christmas is so commercialised, we see Santa in supermarkets in late November and festive adverts dominate the television screen until after January. To some extent, it is a shame that our society has become so consumerist but I do think that people are more aware of the community and try to give back.

One of my favourite things about Christmas has to be the food. Let’s be honest, you all agree. The stuffed turkey, gammon, peasant and, even more meat, alongside mountains of roast potatoes, all the veg you could imagine (including the crowd splitter: Brussel sprouts) and pigs in blankets. This is all topped off with red wine and festive cheer- my dad makes the best chestnut stuffing in the world, I cannot begin to describe the deliciousness! Of course Christmas dinner isn’t just a one-course affair- there are puddings of all kinds: Christmas pud, mince pies, chocolate yule log and gingerbread to name but a few. Then course there is cheese, grapes and crackers and the appropriate port just to top you off. I am sure many of you would agree with this, and others who would be shocked declaring their Christmas dinner to be better than this. But for me, that is perfect. The worst thing is that I don’t even care if I put on weight over Christmas because, at the end of the day, it is a time for eating and drinking with loved ones.

Sometimes I wish I had a very young sibling so I could fully enjoy the thrill of Santa leaving presents in our stockings. My sister is 14 so is way past the stage of believing but the four of us still open our stocking presents together and ‘thank Santa’ for our gifts. The novelty of Santa is such a fun idea, I can’t wait to have children of my own and have 10-12 magical Christmases waiting for Santa (but I won’t be having children anytime soon, just in case my boyfriend is reading- don’t panic bub!). I love talking to friends about their Christmas experiences. One friend’s mum used to sprinkle red glitter on the curtains as if Santa had been and another used to leave coal footprints on the carpet. As a child, I always used to worry that Santa wouldn’t come because we didn’t have chimney however my mum told me that Santa had a magic key so he used our front door. It is so fab how different parents add excitement to Christmas eve just for their children.

Do you guys have any Christmas traditions?

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x

Semester 1

Hello sweet peas,

First semester is finally over as the Christmas break is upon us and it’s been great so far. There have been many fun spontaneous nights out, lots of deadlines due and the transition of first and second year is drastic. Everyone seems so much more focused but also keen to go out and do things. The workload is increasingly heavier than before but I like having more work in order to organise my time. I am the sort of person who, given all the time in the world still would never complete anything fully. I need to have structure, deadlines or some form of timetable to guide my day otherwise Netflix in bed sounds about right to me.

I am really enjoying Second Year for completely different reasons than the previous year. Last year was new friends, new independence and a new city whereas this year is hard work, new home and plenty of wine. I have definitely grown up a lot since summer and it has made such a difference to my attitude towards work and life in general. I feel that I am in such a good place at the moment in terms of how my course is going, my university experience and how things are going with my fab friends and wonderful boyfriend.

I have seen quite a few home friends at Bath which has been lovely; I love integrating both home and uni life. It has made me realise that these four years are a taste of real adult life. We have run  out of loo roll, maybe I should buy some more instead of using kitchen roll? I would really like to meet up with ‘insert name’, I should call them and arrange a date. Wait how much is that scented candle? Maybe I should save that money and spend it on something more useful like loo roll… It is never ending personal organisation but it is something as a teenager I avoided/never appreciated aka BIG SHOUT OUT TO MUM AND DAD FOR EVERYTHING.

So what does second semester hold? January exams, more deadlines and summer exams, isn’t that just the best?! No seriously, there is way more to life than exam stress I know, but I do take part in the annual freak out ‘i am going to fail oh my goodness it is all wrong’ and afterwards I return to the happy Poppy I really am. It’s like exams bring out the Hyde of my Jekyll, I’ll try not to go super psycho but no promises can be made. On a brighter note, I am looking forward to second semester in terms of travelling opportunities. I am off to Budapest in January post exams with the uni ladies and in Easter, I am being whisked off to Estonia for a week by my incredible boyfriend as a birthday treat so watch out for more Eastern European blog posts in the new year. As well as travelling, I am planning on making more time for the city of Bath. I love it, absolutely love it and need to explore the place some more. Second semester will hopefully be filled with many nights at the library and in the city centre- the balance of work and play.

However for the moment, I am going to just relax and enjoy Christmas, look out for my Christmassy blog posts later this week!

Keep smiling,

Love Poppy x